LETTERS: Opinion and facts

LETTERS: Opinion and facts

Opinion vs. facts


Contrary to the grossly inaccurate Reader’s Opinion submitted by Karen A. Pagliaro, Kensington, in the Record-Journal on March 11, 2021 regarding an opinion titled “Lockdowns or open society?” by Lou Arata, which appeared March 1, 2021, upon fact checking it seems Ms. Pagliaro doesn’t know what she’s ranting about. Her confusion is that her being “astounded by the inaccuracies” in truth, are to be self-directed at her own submission. Mr. Arata has correctly presented his data and Ms. Pagliaro has wrongly asserted her “facts.” 

Ms. Pagliaro states in her opinion that, “COVID-19 has been determined as the number one cause of death for 2020.” She doesn’t cite any source for that statement nor offer where she might possibly have gotten that information.

To clarify for her, as published on USAFACTS, according to preliminary weekly data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), (as of January 6, 2021), 3,187,086 people died of all causes in the United States between January 1 and December 26, 2020.

Furthermore, according to the CDC data, heart disease has killed 661,000 people in 2020, cancer has killed 580,000 and COVID-19 has killed 312,000. 

Also, if Ms. Pagliaro had actually read Mr. Arata’s article, she would have noticed that the death statistics he cited were for 2019, not for the year 2020. Therefore, her comparison was not only inaccurate, it was totally misleading.

In the future, Ms. Pagliaro shouldn’t insinuate error on topics she is obviously not familiar with or is unable to accurately research. Her misguided assertions of wrongdoing by another is nothing less than cheap political folly, when the truth can be sourced and verified so easily. If only she took the time to present her opinions with facts, maybe someone would listen.

Scott Veley, Berlin

Something positive


This paper will likely always be the Meriden-Record Journal to me, and probably many others. I enjoyed the article written by Lindsey Pytel about the Mexican restaurants in Meriden. 

It was refreshing to see something positive.

Tim Lombardi, Meriden

Freedom, no exceptions


On March 1st, the Record-Journal finally published the opinion piece by Lou Arata, entitled “Lockdowns or Open Society.” It was a work of brilliancy and chock-full of facts and excellently argued points. How do I know it was all factual? Because the Record-Journal has made it known it will not allow any guest opinion published, unless it’s factual.

There was a rebuttal of sorts 10 days later; a reader’s opinion by Karen A. Pagliaro of Kensington. She “was astounded by the inaccuracies included in this discourse,” and provided other death numbers, but failing to correct any data presented by Mr. Arata … because there wasn’t anything to correct. What Ms. Pagliaro presented were merely her opposing views on an issue, and Mr. Arata had no “inaccuracies.”

This is what happens on a daily basis on social media and in the press: opposing views are ridiculed and characterized as unacceptable in today’s society. As if only their opinion matters and everyone else is not only wrong, but must be forced to shut up and conform to today’s “norms.” The people that think this way have been emboldened by the folks that identify themselves as modern-day Progressive Democrats, who’s mission now is to use the mighty hand of government to impose their “new norms” on the rest of us. This is why they generally are supportive of mandatory lockdowns, including restrictions on everything from when a business can be opened and how many people we are allowed in our own home. If, 10 years ago, you were asked if you would comply with these government orders, what would have been your answer?

If America is to exist as we recognize it, we the people must never succumb to the kind of fear mongering we have already been subjected to this past year. True freedom has no exceptions.

Manny Santos, Meriden

The writer is a former mayor of Meriden.

Do what is right


Teachers and school staff should be prioritized for the Covid-19 vaccine. Arguably, teachers cannot maintain high-level teaching performance with the threat of getting sick with Covid. Arguably, teaching usually rates high on scales of occupational, physiological and physical stress. Let's do what is right, rational and logical for our children and what is best for our teachers who help students think, learn, value and succeed.

Mike Lopos, Meriden

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