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LETTERS: Keep two high schools, an educational feature

Two high schools


My compliments to Melanie Rossacci in her recent column in defense of maintaining two high schools in Wallingford (“Smaller high schools better for students,” R-J 3/22/23). I was a member of the Sheehan High School building committee and find it difficult to get my head around the thought that in my lifetime Sheehan was built and may be closed when it was meant to service students far beyond my time. Aside from the fact that Sheehan  has a planetarium and swimming pool, it is ideally situated for the west side of town. If Vo-Ag is an issue, busing those students would cost much less than busing half the high school population.

Jane Serbent, Wallingford



I am writing to say that I find the Further Review articles very interesting and educational. I really love the graphs and historic information. Much of what they present are articles about things I never thought about and it is fascinating to read and learn about them. I wish school had been this interesting. Please keep them coming, thank you!

Roy Blazejowski, Meriden


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