LETTERS: What’s next for Wallingford Town Council; A photo spurs memories

Working together?


Recent performances by the Wallingford Republican town councilors have been previously reviewed and commented on. The real question now is what is in store for tomorrow. In less than 100 days, have they shown us just how they will govern for the next 500 plus days? Can they possibly create more anger and separation between the citizens of Wallingford? Will they put party over town? They appear to pride themselves on being thoughtful, intelligent, and just officers for the town. Yet in less than 100 days, they have demonstrated disappointing behavior, prejudice, and bad decision making. Who is leading these decisions?  Who is trying to ensure the work of Wallingford becomes more increasingly complicated, angry, and completely disappointing?

Did you actually intend to create these bad feelings?

The town is about to celebrate its 350th year birthday. Celebrate what? What a sad time to have our political leadership create all this animosity and disappointment in our community. Is it purposeful?  Is it “we don’t care what you think, what you feel, what you say … this is how we will govern, get used to it!” Are we a community? Where is the collaboration? Cooperation? Where is the leadership? Where is the respect for each other?

All communities, big and small, must begin to realize our American democracy is in the intensive care unit of political existence. Even with a vicious war going on in Europe, many in our Congress cannot figure out how to work together.   

Councilors, I ask you to lead; don’t follow the nonsense in Washington. Heal those wounds you created. Be the solution, not the problem. Wallingford deserves it. 350 years? Have we learned nothing about working together?

Remove this man from the Zoning Board of Appeals. He clearly markets hate. He should not represent Wallingford’s values.

Dick Caplan, Wallingford



The Record-Journal front page photo (Sunday 3/27/22) could have easily fooled me had you changed the headline below to read “Ukrainians to vie for grants to help demolish vacant medical office building, hospital” as the picture resembles a war damaged structure in their country. The article is a little bittersweet since it brings back memories of my three children having been born there, and it will be sad when it is gone. On the other hand it is likely a good thing to remove blighted buildings which present an eyesore and safety hazards to the public.  How many other local families have the same memories of the old hospital?

Thomas Marshall, Wallingford


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