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Letters: Meriden a ‘disadvantaged’ city



I recently read a quote from Mr. John C. Abella, Meriden’s energy consultant, dealing with energy credits for Meriden,  "Because the City of Meriden is classified as a disadvantaged city, the credits are at the highest allowable levels" (“Energy savings sought via solar program,” R-J, 3/11). CT.Gov website lists most fiscally and economical distressed municipalities. List develops statistical indicators measuring fiscal capacity of each municipality based on tax base, personal income of residents and residents need for public services. Meriden being a "distressed city" for 2022  was ranked 21. In another article budget proposal projects an increase of 2.67 mills. In same article, Republican City Councilor Dan Brunet said that proposed mill rate increase as "beyond concerning."  The definition of a "disadvantaged city" is basically a city of "low and moderate incomes."

 I wonder when budgets are submitted by departments do they take in account our city is classified as a "disadvantaged city" and a "distressed city" or do they think of us as Greenwich, flush with cash. Each year increases to budget, rise in mill rates, and higher property tax bill, while we continue as a city of low and moderate incomes. Those voted to City Council have a moral obligation to look out for all of us, including those who foot the bill that comes due each year.  

Henry J. Krupa Jr., Meriden


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