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LETTERS: Opposition to tolls in Connecticut; expensive studies in Wallingford

LETTERS: Opposition to tolls in Connecticut; expensive studies in Wallingford

I do not want tolls


I recently called Senator Abrams about the tolls proposal. I only talked to her “gatekeeper” and she kept giving me the Democrat talking points. The Senator does not know what the tolls proposal would be and would not discuss her position. She does not seem to understand I do NOT want tolls regardless what kind of scheme the Democrats come up with.

It looks to me that the City Council majority must have contacted Hartford and received the same talking points. No one wants to take a position on tolls until they are told what it should be. Over 100,000 voters have signed a petition against tolls of any kind. I think if the City Council voted for the resolution it would send a message to Hartford.

We will have to wait until the election of 2020 to vote out the legislators who support tolls. We do, however, have an election this fall and we should vote against any City Council member who is for tolls.

Martin Lilienthal, Meriden

We do not want tolls


Massachusetts has a problem with the equipment that reads license plates that CT will have if Governor Lamont has his way. Only registered cars have to pay the tolls. If the car is not registered, drivers can ride for free on the highways and they do. If one reads the police blotter and the court dispositions, one finds almost all offenses include stolen license plates, unlicensed drivers, and unsafe cars in Meriden, Wallingford, Cheshire and Southington. One political party promised tolls would be passed so why should Independents and unaffiliated voters be surprised when the victorious party puts them in? These draconian tax increases are the Intolerable Acts of 2019 instead of 1774. The Council should have had the intestinal fortitude to not table the matter and take a stand on no tolls. One speaker at the April first meeting called for dialogue and further study. What part of “we do not want tolls” do you not understand? Rev. Will Marotti has some interesting information on his radio show about the toll problem.

Thomas Fitzgibbons, Meriden

Wake up, Wallingford sheep!


The residents of Wallingford are sheep being led to the slaughter! The Town Council is willing to spend $625,000.00 for a pool study and millions more to implement the plan. There is no public outcry for this expenditure of astronomical amounts of money to make sure barely 1,300 people can use our golden pool. It would be cheaper to install pools at their homes than spend millions for something that is used  4 months a year.

Now, the Town of Wallingford needs a Rescue Vehicle 365 days a year and is able to save lives. No money in the budget! What? My taxes go up every year and spending in Wallingford is out of control.

When will the sheep stop accepting incredible spending on nonsense? Is that how the residents run their personal expenses? It's like saying, I need my car to go to work to earn money but I'm putting in a swimming pool and patio. Heck, I can walk to work in the middle of winter but I have a pool!

Wake up, sheep; after shearing, you're going to the dinner table.

John J. Anzidei, Wallingford

Continuous collection


My letter is in response to the article that appeared in the April 26, 2018 issue of the Record Journal about “Wallingford Pastor Looking to Raise Money for Medical Clinic in Nigeria.”

Father Kingsley Ihejirika arrived back here from Nigeria in the fall of 2018. I saw a posting from this trip, which included a video of the children playing soccer. I noticed their bare little feet playing soccer and how I had soccer shoes/socks and equipment that my daughter no longer used. I thought this is where these items would be best appreciated. As a result, I plan to collect gently used, clean soccer equipment, uniforms, and T- shirts, having them shipped to Nigeria for the children. A few manual ball inflators would be handy too. I have also planned to include toys (no battery or electric) and school supplies in this shipment to the orphanage.

Here are some details: Children are aged 2-16 years. There are about 70 children in the orphanage. I think that some of the adults would like to participate and to play soccer as well. There are about 50 adults. Please note that the children and the adults are slender and wear about S,M, L but not XL.

I am excited and optimistic about this endeavor. It would be gratifying to see the next video that Fr. Kinglsley posts, showing the children playing soccer with our Wallingford uniforms and equipment.

Please contact me so I can coordinate and get the first shipment out by the end of this summer. I'd like this to be a continuous collection.

Ellen Groves Paiva, Wallingford