LETTERS: Making it harder for people to vote

LETTERS: Making it harder for people to vote

Efficient and professional


We would like to thank the Wallingford Health Department for the excellent care we received getting our Covid-19 vaccine last Friday. It was done efficiently and professionally.

Wallingford should be very proud and thankful for its outstanding Health Department!

Susan M. Lake and Mom, Wallingford

What about Connecticut?


We were watching Rachel the other night, she put up a graphic of the US, and all the states making it harder for people to vote. Or trying to. We know about Texas. And Georgia. And Colorado. 

And Connecticut??

I’m trying to find what is happening. And I can’t find it. And I'm getting more and more upset about it. 

I saw an article that explains voting by mail empowers everyone to vote, and getting rid of it is white privilege at its most powerful. It makes it harder for people of color, people with disabilities, people of poorer means, to vote. 

We need to keep voting by mail WITH NO RESTRICTIONS for every voter. 

This is a fairness issue, and I cannot believe the state that I grew up in, lived in Meriden for almost all of my 63 years, would try to make it harder for people to vote.

Please contact your State Rep., let them know what you feel about this issue. Rep. Quinn is listening. 

Kim Morris, Meriden

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