LETTERS: No meaningful consequence for crime; in opposition to SB 88, an interfaith gathering at the ‘House of Peace’

No meaningful consequence


On 3/30/22, one of three suspects, interrupted while trying to steal a catalytic converter in Wallingford, fired a shot at a victim.

On 3/31/2022, Connecticut State Police arrested two teens after one rammed into a police cruiser during a chase with a stolen vehicle taken from a Jewett City gas station.

On 4/1/2022, Wolcott

 Police were investigating after at least 42 car break-ins were reported between Thursday night and Friday morning.

All of this is just a continuation of the crimes that plagued CT in 2021. Recall the daytime shootout on West Main St Meriden on 2/16/2021 or the 4/26/21 Meriden shooting where multiple officers were hurt, cars wrecked, and among the three persons apprehended another juvenile with a gun.

What has the Democratic-controlled legislature done in response to this? Nothing of substance and the governor continues to close prisons.

The Democrats lack the backbone to make any substantial changes in the law regarding juvenile crime and their only answer seems to be social programs for the offenders. 

Democrats apparently have made the decision that it is acceptable for the public at large to be victimized on a routine basis and that the police should repeatedly have to deal with the same offenders since there is no meaningful consequence for committing crime. The rights of the accused have been made paramount to that of the general public. This Democratic-controlled legislature has failed the citizens of the state.

Ronald Cornell, Meriden  

Against SB 88


White, wealthy voters make up the majority of those pushing for assisted suicide drugs, according to reports in states where it is legal. Their access to these lethal solutions imposes the cheaper assisted suicide “options” on populations who already struggle to access and afford health care.

■In Oregon in 2019, 96.3% of patients who requested assisted suicide were non-Hispanic whites.

■In Washington in 2018, 96% of requesters were non-Hispanic whites.

■In Colorado in 2019, 95.70% of requesters were non-Hispanic whites.

■In California in 2019, 87.2% of requesters were non-Hispanic whites.

The State of Massachusetts held a referendum to legalize assisted suicide in 2012.  It was unsuccessful, but the statistics are revealing:

■In Northampton which is 88% white, 73% voted in favor of legalizing assisted suicide.

■In Shutesbury which is 94% white, 78% voted in favor of legalizing assisted suicide.

■In Lawrence which is 60% Hispanic and 5% Black, 68% voted against legalizing assisted suicide.

■In Springfield which is 28% Hispanic and 22% Black, 65% voted against legalizing assisted suicide.

Assisted suicide is another way that privileged, wealthy voters demand policies that further burden and complicate BIPOC’s struggles, particularly to get the standard of care and coverage they need. The Connecticut legislature should vote against SB 88 and not abandon these populations to the desires of the privileged.

Kathryn King, Meriden



Just as Covid rates plunged, we were hit by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Covid’s economic, social, and emotional ramifications have been exacerbated by war and its unimaginable horrors.

Amid these unsettling uncertainties dawns the uplifting ninth lunar month of fasting in Islam — Ramadan. The sacred month couldn’t come at a better time. We’ve forgotten God and how to transcend beyond this shackling world, as if we’ll live here forever and never be called to account. We’ve lost our spiritual wings and abandoned religion as outdated for fleeting distractions.

Learn more and have dignified dialogue while enjoying complimentary food at an interfaith gathering at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Baitul Aman “House of Peace” Mosque, 410 Main Street, Meriden, CT 06451, for our annual Iftar Dinner highlighting “Justice through Compassion,” Friday, April 8, at 6:30 p.m.  RSVP at http://tinyurl.com/2022RamadanCT. 

With God's peace and blessings, 

Zahir Muhammad Mannan, Meriden


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