LETTERS: An ugly and unjustified invasion; worries

Ugly and unjustified


Putin claimed that the Ukraine was part of Russia and to some extent it was. Both countries are Eastern Slavic in their ethnic make up. Both of them are largely Eastern Orthodox in their Christian faith.

However, all this makes the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine all the more ugly and unjustified. The city of Kyiv, along with the rest of the Ukraine, was where Prince Vladimir adopted Christianity and where the roots of Russian literacy started. The Ukraine was about the most devastated area of Russia under the Mongols. The Ukrainians were the very people that Hitler wanted to displace and replace with Germans during World War II.

The reason for the invasion was that Putin and his cronies felt threatened by a free and democratic election on their own border. I think one of the best things to do is to have captured Russian soldiers go on TV and broadcast home to their families and friends telling them the truth about how there really is a war and not just a military exercise.

Also, the invasion is a good reason for Europeans to develop clean energy. That would make them less dependent of Russian oil and natural gas.

James Buchanan, Wallingford



While I watch America slowly decline I have four worries:

Worry #1. Climate change and its rhetoric. Sounds sophisticated and smart, but is a big hoax. Green politics getting rid of fossil fuels by deliberately charging higher prices for them and blaming Russia and blaming previous administrations. We are paying the price of green dreams of environmental wackos who are a minority. We cannot run this economy on wind and solar.

Worry #2. Illegal border crossers.With this administration’s policies we are supporting people who have no qualifications to become lawful citizens. I have run out of sympathy and compassion. I taught my children to be good citizens and sent them out of the nest. I do not want to assist anybody who cannot support themselves. Government is using my taxes to subsidize people who don’t care about this country. Example, R-J, March 31, 2022 “Not giving up.” Medicaid also known as Husky for all undocumented children.

Will they sign up for selective service? Fact: There is no country on this planet without borders.

Worry #3. Legacy costs. We are paying for politicians’ past promises from 20-30 years ago.

Worry #4. Crime. Maybe no worry because I am the NRA. I stand for the flag. Kneel for the cross. Live free or die.

Steven C. Staszewski, Meriden


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