LETTERS: Speaking up at Southington council meetings

Speaking up


Every Southington resident has the right to speak at Town Council meetings. So it was disappointing on 3/28 to hear Councilman Dziedzic say that a speaker from the previous meeting (3/14) should not have spoken publicly. Perhaps Mr. Dziedzic was uncomfortable with the topic, but the speaker had been respectful. He raised concerns that involved the council, never specifying councilors by name, and he cited regulations he believed may have been violated. He identified himself as a member of the Fire Commission. Councilman Dziedzic acknowledged everyone's right to speak, but then made clear his preference for these concerns to be submitted in writing instead of publicly. He went on to raise the speaker's political affiliation as a motivation for bringing this concern. I found it distasteful, but more importantly, I hope no members of our Town Council find government transparency to be a partisan issue. All Town Council meetings are available to view online.

I find myself in alignment with Chairwoman Triano when she said that she likes to believe the best about people. Sometimes politics makes this harder. So I hope she is working to foster this belief among the council at large. Especially when they are listening to Southington's residents.

Katie Wade, Southington


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