LETTERS: Greed, a notable obituary, no fan of Biden



What is greed? How does one recognize greed? One indicator is when you see celebrities on television promoting products such as car warranties, Medicare and reverse mortgages. Shame on these individuals. After all, they are hawking products for those who can least afford it.

Ronald D. Roberts, Wallingford



Today (4/3/22), I read the obituaries as I usually do, bracing myself in my older age to hear sad news of people I know and loved. The self-written obituary of Al John Russo was one of the most meaningful things I have ever read.

Here was a man born in 1919, over a hundred years old, who made it a most definite point to say: "World War II was a global struggle fought with fortitude, tenacity and self-sacrifice ominously conferring on me the occasion to partake in the meritorious experience of fighting for the integrity of mankind. Sadly the hard-worn lessons for which so many gave their lives seems to be misremembered supplanted by bombast, Faustian covenants, and transient, ribald hucksterism. Such is the triumph and tragedy of the human experiment."

The message he wanted to send was well-received on my end. He frankly blew me away.

Colleen Cyr, Meriden

President Biden  


When Biden was asked what he was going to do about the high cost of gas, the president cavalierly said, “can’t do much right now.”  Au contraire, Mr. President, you can stop strangling the oil industry with your federal permits and regulations, meant to discourage the oil and gas industry from long term investment in fossil fuel development as well as immediate development. 

You are the one who ordered to halt new oil and natural gas leases on public lands and water and to begin a thorough review on existing permits for fossil fuel development in order to put roadblocks in their way and hinder their further development.  You are the one in your first day in office canceled the XL keystone pipeline yet permitted the Russian Nordstream pipeline to go through.  You are the one who is politically afraid of standing up to the far left of your party.

Before you took office, we were energy independent and did not rely on Russia for any of our oil.  Now you are begging OPEC to pump more oil rather than get it from  Texas, Alaska, West Virginia or Oklahoma in our own country. 

You don’t seem to understand, we cannot transition overnight to electric cars. Ninety percent of the population is fueled by gas operated cars.  We cannot afford $60,000 and up for electric cars as Pete Buttigieg suggested.  We need cheap fuel while we gradually transition over years — not days to electric power.    We are having enough trouble putting food on the table. Inflation is the highest since the 1980s.  In as little as a year and one-half, you have brought this country to its knees. Your Green New Deal is killing our economy and our country!              

Sylvia Moore, Wallingford


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