LETTERS: Save the Wallingford sand plain

Credibility problems


Earth Day has passed and the Wallingford community is facing the loss of a unique ecosystem that contains nine endangered and threatened species. The sand plains of Connecticut now only consists of five percent of what it once was.

Allnex Wallingford is selling this endangered area to a developer who would excavate the sand for sale and potentially build warehouses on this area many years from now.

This sale comes at a time when the company has mounted a pro-environmental public relations campaign in our community. In a quote from Allnex’s environmental series of lectures and demonstrations: “We are looking forward to continued conversation on how we can co-exist with our natural habitats while helping to protect and preserve them.” There is no credibility if their actions do not match their words.

Mayor Dickinson in a televised meeting stated definitively that the sand plain is no longer a viable ecosystem.

This contradicts the expressed testimony in correspondence given by various state agencies including the state biologist and environmental groups such as the CT Fund for the Environment.

It also seems in conflict with Wallingford”s environmental planner. It turns out the mayor has never read the environmental impact study by the developer in which he got his “definitive” information. The mayor has a credibility problem.

The developer has done an environmental impact study. It appears that the developer has indicated it is favorable to its interest in developing this property.

Yet the developer has not sent this study to the Planning and Zoning Commission, which will determine this application. Why would a developer withhold a favorable report? This developer has a credibility problem.

How about, remembering Earth Day, Wallingford saves the sand plain and gains credibility?

Larry Morgenstein, Wallingford


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