LETTERS: Support HB 5001 to support children

Support HB 5001


There are few things that are bipartisan in today’s political environment, but something we can all agree on is that the past few years have been hard for everyone.  Ask yourself — has your mental health been challenged lately?  Almost everyone will likely say “yes,” and the children in Connecticut are no exception. Given the state of the world, it’s no wonder why anxiety and depression among youth are at all-time highs. Imagine how hard it can be to focus on school when the future is so uncertain. That is why we owe it to our state’s children to take action against the mental health crisis.

Truancy is often the byproduct of unmet mental health needs, and right now we have the opportunity to put a process in place that will connect children to the services they need. It is our obligation to support and pressure our legislators to pass HB 5001, which would require school social workers and psychologists to conduct mental health evaluations for children determined to be truant.

If you support connecting children to the mental health interventions they desperately need, then you support this legislation! Do the right thing for our children’s present and our state’s future.

Madeline DelGreco, Plainville


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