LETTERS: Out of many, one; and, beeping troubles

LETTERS: Out of many, one; and, beeping troubles

E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one)


Hard to think we are all at “one” with any political policy in our country. We appear to be a country as divided as we were during our civil war. E Pluribus Unum assumes that whenever needed, we have the capacity of coming together to act as one in supporting our entire country, all our people. So, can democracy survive this river of hate/extremism? 

Commentators have questioned these divisions being aggressively sponsored/fueled covertly by our adversaries: China and Russia?  Both would love to say “… see, democracy doesn’t work!”  Wouldn’t they just love to split up the remains of a broken USA following a long and disabling civil war that could leave us unable to defend ourselves, or support democracy.  

No democracy can survive when its population cannot agree to believe/defend ONE reality/truth!  When “political conversation,” including disagreements, concessions, is impossible to maintain, democracy cannot function. 

What are we teaching future generations about the how, the process of democracy? Is it how to be fearful/angry with each other?  Are we teaching them how to solve problems with violence?  How to manipulate the vote with restrictive voting laws? Will violence replace listening/compromising/managing our differences peacefully? 

In a democracy, isn’t  “Community Responsibility” necessary?  Why wear masks/follow speed limits/get vaccinations/stop at stop signs? Do freedoms come with responsibilities? 

Is this white supremacy playing out again? January 6th proved Americans are prepared to kill Americans; even a vice-president. 

Will America fail due to network news stations seeking ratings and advertising dollars via propaganda, lies, and mis-statements? 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” — MLK 

Start by talking to each other; not at each other. Don’t let hate, fear/anger win. Each other: it’s all we have.

Dick Caplan, Wallingford

Everyday annoyance


Instead of politics and taxes and whatever, I thought I would rant about an everyday annoyance. I have detectors in the house like a CO detector and other devices. Why is it when the battery is going, it only beeps for 1/10th of a second every 5 minutes? Something in the house is beeping, but if you try to find it, it lasts so short a time you can't. Drives me up a wall each time. Why can't these genius engineers make the things BEEP and stay beeping till you can find them? Another thing. I have microwave and I don't stand next to it while it is doing its thing, I may be in another room. Do beepers that you can hear add that much to the cost of a microwave? I think a dying canary could make a louder beep than they do. That is my rant for the day. I would also love to thank all the front line workers for their tireless efforts trying to keep people alive and others to provide services and deliver needed products. You all deserve our deepest thanks for what you are doing. I thought I should add something of importance to my whining. 

Roy Blazejowski, Meriden

Remember those who struggle


In the days of a global pandemic, we hear a lot about the millions of people who get sick and the millions of people who lose a job, and I know many people in both of those groups. What we often do not hear about is those battling mental health issues and those in abusive relationships.

There are a wide variety of mental health issues, and I will not be able to touch on every type of issue in this piece. Those battling depression often need to be around others, and the pandemic makes it much harder for that to happen. Those with anxiety struggle in situations that they cannot control, and if there is one thing the pandemic has taught us it is that we do not know and cannot control what is happening around us. In certain cases, mental health issues could lead people to become abusive. Regardless of whether or not abuse is caused by a mental health issue, it is harder for abuse victims to leave the home to get away from their abuser during a pandemic.

During this time, let’s all do our part to help out. Learn the warning signs of abusive relationships, and know how to report it. Reach out to a loved one who you have not heard from in a while, especially one who lives alone. No one person can single-handedly solve all of the issues in society, but we can all do our small part to make the world a better place.

Rajan Doering, Wallingford

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