LETTERS: Data center doesn’t belong; hoping for an end to the nightmarish situation in Ukraine

Doesn’t belong


In reference to article on 4/9/22, front page: “Planning rejects data center regs.” As of late, I’ve been losing faith in some of our town leaders, namely the Wallingford Town Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission. Recent decisions regarding the business of data centers were made with money bags in mind and little regard to the effects on quality of life in neighborhoods of our town.

At its recent meeting, the Planning and Zoning Commission sent a strong message this time, with a unanimous vote to deny a new amendment of regulations that would have allowed the development of these centers. Any future proposals for data centers, regardless of language, should be denied — period. Thank you commissioners for doing the right thing and fending-off yet again, a business that doesn’t belong in Wallingford.

Joan DiPasquale, Wallingford

Nightmare situation


My thoughts and feelings have been festering since Russia began amassing troops and materiel at the Ukrainian border in February. We are witnessing another Good vs. Evil drama (think North Korea vs. South Korea, North Vietnam vs. South Vietnam, etc.) between the free world (Ukraine) and a brutal, communist, mafia-state dictatorship (Russia), where fear, intimidation and manipulation rule the day.

NATO, the European Union and the United Nations seem to have ongoing flexible strategies for strengthening themselves and Ukraine against Vladimir Putin (Vlad the Invader). What is at stake? Freedom from tyranny and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And you might as well throw capitalism into the mix, too, for capitalism breeds the happy effects of healthy competition, innovation and economic growth.

I wholeheartedly support America’s monetary/military contributions to Ukraine’s defense of its sovereignty. I pray that this nightmare situation ends soon via some kind of stand down–stalemate situation that ends all the death and destruction. Also, I’m praying for the conversion of Russia and that Putin’s reign is over soon.

Gifford Roberts, Meriden


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