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LETTERS: Meriden’s mill rate

Meriden mill rate


Here we are with our city leaders discussing increasing our city’s mill rate.

The spending increase is 3.2% as it stands. Councilmen Carabetta and Brunet made amendments that could have brought it to 2.5% and yet all were shut down. The City of Meriden’s spending is out of control.

See, if a councilor truly believes he or she is truly serving their constituents, they would be back at their drawing boards trying to find more ways to cut spending. It seems that a few councilors have stepped up, but why not the others? How could anyone be happy at 3.2 when amendments were on the table for 2.5? Be ready for that famous line our mayor uses …. “We” worked hard at this budget and we have looked at all avenues and there isn’t anything else we could possibly cut. Overall, city officials have a range of strategies at their disposal to cut spending and carefully analyze and re-evaluate the city’s budget and expenses.

Repeatedly time and time  again, this council always looks to cut spending on education and public safety instead of starting at the very top and working their way down. This council should be focused on implementing cost-saving measures. Encouraging collaboration with other municipalities. City officials can work with other municipalities to share resources and reduce expenses.

Officials can start to review staffing levels and salaries to ensure that they’re in line with the city’s needs and financial capabilities. This review can help identify areas where staffing can be reduced.

Personally I feel our leaders need to seek input from our residents so they can see which services are most important to them. This feedback can help city officials make informed decisions about where to allocate resources.

Sean McDonald, Meriden



The Supreme Court is run amok, and it’s time to get it under control.

For the last year, we have witnessed scandal after scandal come out of the Supreme Court. From learning that Samuel Alito may have leaked a decision about reproductive health to conservative anti-abortion activists, to discovering Clarence Thomas has been secretly accepting luxury vacations from a GOP megadonor for twenty years, the actions of these justices on the highest court in the land are unconscionable.

Thankfully, this bad behavior can be addressed. Congress has the ability—and responsibility—to act as a check on the Supreme Court and restore faith in our judicial system. It’s time they take the first step and pass a code of ethics for the Supreme Court.

No one is above accountability, and that includes our justices on the Supreme Court.

Karin Jensen, Cheshire

Government of laws


In President Gerald Ford's inauguration speech, post Watergate and President Richard Nixon's resignation. he spoke to the citizens of The United States when he said: "...our great republic, is a government of laws, not of men." In our current state of national political strife President Ford would have said to our citizens: our great republic is a government of laws, not of men and women.

Ronald D Roberts, Sebastian, FL 


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