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LETTERS: Supreme Court scandal; a disappointing situation in Meriden

Scandal after scandal


The Supreme Court is run amok, and it’s time to get it under control.

For the last year, we have witnessed scandal after scandal come out of the Supreme Court. From learning that Samuel Alito may have leaked a decision about reproductive health to conservative anti-abortion activists, to discovering Clarence Thomas has been secretly accepting luxury vacations from a GOP megadonor for 20 years, the actions of these justices on the highest court in the land are unconscionable.

Thankfully, this bad behavior can be addressed. Congress has the ability — and responsibility — to act as a check on the Supreme Court and restore faith in our judicial system. It’s time they take the first step and pass a code of ethics for the Supreme Court.

No one is above accountability, and that includes our justices on the Supreme Court.

Karin Jensen, Cheshire



The Coon situation is very disappointing.  He was not hired as a laborer but for his thoughtfulness and decision-making skills.  Also disappointing and inexplicable is his recent 6K bonus.  I know that this happened prior to his recent fiasco, but why a bonus at all? Was he being lured away by another municipality, doubtful, was he underpaid, again doubtful. At his best Coon is an unremarkable, soft, content, and complacent salaryman. How did any talk of a bonus even make the agenda? I have always been skeptical regarding the quality of Meriden's City Council. What does Meriden have to lose by trying something different?  How about a popularly elected mayor and a council of 7, all at large. No more local phenoms who may be all the rage on the block. A 40-year malaise is nothing to be proud of, is there no end to Meriden's dysfunction? 

And what's up with the ARPA? Apparently he who tells the saddest tale gets showered with Biden bucks. What about competitors in the same field not lucky enough to be anointed by Meriden's sagacious money dispensers? ARPA just seems flawed on so many levels yet Pollyanna of RJ editorial fame appears to be enamored with it.If you are pro ARPA don't you dare complain about the inflation that is crippling the middle class.   

Leo Baillargeon, Meriden

Welcoming and loving?


I recently read New York Times columnist David Brooks’ column in the Record Journal titled “Biden and the struggle for America’s soul.”  In his column Brooks attempts to draw contrasts between Biden and Trump/Trumpism as he essentially implies President Biden treats people with charity, respect and decency while Trump/Trumpism is the opposite. One might suggest an appropriate way to judge the degree individuals treat others with respect and decency is to view how those individuals treat some of the most vulnerable and most innocent in our society and those in their family.

Biden recently stated, “Our nation’s children are all our children.” Unfortunately, when it comes to the Biden family it is obvious all of their family’s children are not part of their family as both Biden and the good Dr. Jill have refused to acknowledge their son Hunter’s estranged, out-of-wedlock, 4-year-old daughter and they continue act as though that child does not exist. Just recently, during a “Bring Your Children to Work” event at the White House, Biden failed to acknowledge that child as one of his grandchildren. 

The child is so unwelcomed into the Biden family that Hunter is challenging the child’s mother’s request to change the child’s last name to Biden. Perhaps the reason the Bidens do not acknowledge the child as a member of their family as her mother was an exotic dancer, who previously attended George Washington University, and the Bidens therefore consider her child unworthy to be part of the family despite Hunter’s well documented salacious past and highly questionable business dealings.

Maybe it’s just me, but the way Biden treats, and allows his family to treat, his estranged 4-year-old granddaughter seems to fall well short of treating someone with respect and decency and is the antithesis of a compassionate, welcoming and loving grandparent.

Jim Seichter, Wallingford

Of laws


In President Gerald Ford's inauguration speech, post Watergate and President Richard Nixon's resignation. he spoke to the citizens of The United States when he said: "...our great republic, is a government of laws, not of men." In our current state of national political strife President Ford would have said to our citizens: our great republic is a government of laws, not of men and women.

Ronald D Roberts, Sebastian, FL 


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