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LETTERS: Making a difference

Making a difference


Yes, I am guilty and I am preaching to myself as well! There are more than 30,000 voters in Meriden.

The Meriden City Council consists of members that we voted into office, and they meet regularly, twice every month, to address the concerns of running our biggest business in town, the city of Meriden. On the average there are less than 12 interested citizens that attend to listen and voice their concerns. As the result, we are individually giving up our opportunity to have our personal interests and concerns be heard. Yes, those we elected make their decisions for us, but are these decisions really for us?

You see… If we are not in constant touch with those we elected to represent us, how will they ever know what our concerns are. They don’t! How do I / we fix that? Everyone, voting age or not, start coming to the meetings. There are 24 meetings a year, two each month in the City Council chambers, 6:30 - 8 p.m., every 1st & 3rd Monday of each month.

Make plans to attend at least a half dozen and individually, together we can make a difference.

The same holds true to those we elected to state a federal government as well. We need to personally stay in touch with them on a regular basis, and can do so by writing, calling and emailing. I’ll venture to say that of the many, many thousands they represent, less than 100 individuals communicate with them on a regular basis. So again, if only 2% of the population will get involved, we really can make a difference!

Lauren Humpage, Meriden


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