LETTERS: State Rep. Fishbein seeking re-election

Margin of victory


On May 17, 2022, the Republican delegates of the 90th General Assembly District (which covers most of Wallingford, and all of Middlefield) unanimously endorsed my re-election as state representative. I thank Tom Corrigan for his nomination, Anne Marie Ortolan for her second, and ultimately the delegates for their strong support.

Also a heartwarming thank you to the hundreds of people that donated to my re-election campaign. We have well exceeded our qualifying goals, and I am proud to report that 95% of the amount donated came from Wallingford and Middlefield, as opposed to some other campaigns where the donations are largely from outside the district, and even outside the state. 

It continues to be an honor and pleasure to serve in the legislature, standing up for the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens.

I currently serve on the Environment Committee, the Government Accountability & Elections Committee, and in leadership as the House ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. I have fought for the equal protection of all citizens, remedies for victims of domestic violence and other crimes, and changes to our adult and juvenile justice systems ... many of which recently became law, with bipartisan support.

As we head toward next November, as is always, the goal is merely 50% of the vote, plus one. In 2020 we successfully septupled that margin of victory, and we hope to (at least) exceed that margin once again. In the meantime, I respectfully request that, if you support my principles listed above, you too consider supporting my re-election. The campaign website is here: www.Fishbein4ct.com.

A very happy summer season to you and yours.  I thank you in advance for your kind support, and look forward to another successful campaign for state office.

Craig Fishbein, Wallingford


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