LETTERS: Make it illegal for lawmakers to trade stocks; America in decline

Lawmakers and stock trading


Every two years, we elect lawmakers to represent us in Washington. We put our trust in them and expect them to fight for what’s best for our communities.

What we don’t expect is for our elected representatives to abuse their office for personal financial gain. Unfortunately, we can’t trust members of Congress to keep themselves honest when it comes to stock trading. In fact, members of Congress have traded more than $630 million in stocks just in the last year.

We need stronger laws to prevent our lawmakers from using the private information they’re privy to because of their office to increase the value of their stock portfolios. An overwhelming majority of Americans agree that members of Congress should not be allowed to buy or sell stocks while in office.

Congress must listen to the American people and pass legislation making it illegal for any sitting member of the House or Senate to trade individual stocks.

Rob Rosenthal, Middletown

America’s decline


In the May 26 Opinion page of this paper, it quoted Abraham Lincoln and he said “if destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

I believe we are at that point in time now. The U.S. has lost its way. Our values are no longer noble. We used to stand for God, country and family. Today church attendance is way down, our country is deeply divided and the family unit broken and crime is rampant. We stand together on practically nothing. The media pits the country against itself, the schools call parents domestic terrorists, our sovereignty is gradually eroding with open borders and our political leaders are ripping us apart. 

We have strayed so far from what the U.S. of America once was. As a nation we have lost empathy for one another. When in today’s environment do we sit down together for a meal as a family and discuss the day’s events with our children to see what they are doing and thinking?  Get off those iPads, iPhones, Twitter, Facebook etc. and actually talk to one another!   Why are we substituting mechanical means of communication rather than face-to-face conversation? 

What does it say about our society when mass shootings are becoming more and more frequent? What in our society produces a young man so evil as to shoot innocent children indiscriminately without remorse? Can one cause be the feeling of isolation and disconnection from reality?

We are a people who have strayed from our core values. Maybe it’s time to reacquaint ourselves with them or die by suicide as Lincoln said!

Sylvia Moore, Wallingford


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