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LETTERS: Rewarding criminals; Mushinsky is right for Connecticut

LETTERS: Rewarding criminals; Mushinsky is right for Connecticut

Rewarding criminals


Why didn't the governor just issue prisoners masks and hand sanitizers instead of releasing them to commit more crimes? Incarceration is intended to punish them and reform them, but if you just cut it short and let them go, it accomplishes nothing. 

Also, what does this say to the hard-working police who put their lives on the line finding and arresting these prisoners? Gov. Lamont is punishing law-abiding citizens and rewarding criminals.

George Clark, Wallingford

Losing a supermarket


Who on the Meriden City Council is looking out for South Meriden residents? Many of us are angry about Stop & Shop in Centennial Plaza closing. You are forcing us to grocery shop outside of Meriden. As with traffic being so bad, Tops in Southington or Stop & Shop in Wallingford or Cheshire is closer in driving time. I know that Keith Gordon and Cathy Battista and I would be negotiating with a strong voice against closure and helping look for alternatives and standing right beside South Meriden and west side residents. How I miss the ole days ...

Laura M. Gallo, South Meriden

Mushinsky the clear choice


Everyone knows Mary Mushinsky is the clear choice for Connecticut. Steve Knight’s May 31, 2020, op-ed was so full of inaccuracies that his recommendations cannot possibly be taken seriously. For example, he wrote, “everyone should know that the State of Connecticut ranks among the lowest in almost every economic index available.” This is the lie that Republican operatives want to perpetuate. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranks Connecticut in its top 10 for business environment for 2019.

The types of “solutions” offered by Knight and Weston Ulbrich have already failed around the country. For example, Kansas, which is headed by a Republican legislature and had already tried the abysmal policies shilled by Knight and Ulbrich, ranks behind Connecticut not only in business environment but also for employment. traces Connecticut’s current fiscal problems back to when John Rowland was governor  Everyone should know, the only logical choice this year is Mary Mushinsky. She is not going to bankrupt the state with unsuccessful strategies that have already sunk other states. Hers is the steady hand that this state needs.  

Jeffrey Knickerbocker, Wallingford