LETTERS: Work on roads and the inflation plague

Road work


So now that the DOT is trying to fix 691 they better go all the way to Middlefield because that part is a mess also. Anyone can see the separation between the lanes because of the way it’s done, it only lasts for a few years they just can’t get it right. It’s not just 691 but also other roads, state and town, just look at 91S between exits 16 & 15. Also, Southington has part of Savage Street closed traveling south, the sign tells you that twenty feet before the street. Traveling north the sign is 15 feet past Savage St., doesn’t seem to make too much sense. And what’s up with the price of gas?

Flave Wolak, Southington

The inflation plague


Everybody is being affected by inflation, with rising prices at the pump which lead to rising prices in all our daily commodities like groceries.

However, we should not blame Biden and the Democrats for any of it. Inflation is caused by a lot of things that are our of their control. The continuing COVID epidemic has disrupted supply chains of goods around the world. The war in Ukraine has caused even more of the problem.

However, turning to the extremist MAGA crowd would not help anything. Their continuing climate denial, involvement in the January insurrection and trying to stifle the investigation into it is the threat to our democracy that we just can’t turn away from.

James Buchanan, Wallingford


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