LETTERS: Wallingford’s council and the Economic Development Commission

Adding to the flames


Politics is the clash of ideas and special interests. For those elected, their task is to sort those differences and put into action what is in the best interest of all.

Recently the Economic Development Commission sent flyers to local businesses. It is no secret that the EDC supports ARPA funds going to local businesses in need. They along with the mayor have consistently advocated for this. In these flyers they asked local businesses to get involved and to be aware that some councilors advocate for using a good portion of ARPA for community projects such as Community Pool. Even if you disagree with the wording by the EDC, it is accurate. It was a call to action to counter the direction of the council.

Options for the council were multiple. They could move on without comment, seeing what the feedback at the next meeting to discuss ARPA would be. A reasonable response, but some councilors chose another way. An agenda item was added to discuss a possible “investigation” of the EDC.

If some councilors felt that the EDC flyer was “inflammatory,” this agenda item just added to the flames. In the Record Journal article reporting this, council members added words to make a larger fire by saying the EDC flyer was “libel” and hinted of a “nefarious” intent. Certainly not calming the waters. So the stage was set with the council facing down the EDC as prosecutors.

So what is the result? A council that bristles at any challenge. A council that responds to intimidate. A council that is retaliatory. This tendency has become pattern and not exception. It is not good for the community and frankly diminishes the council’s good work and credibility. It is not good governance.

For the record: I personally support using ARPA for community projects.

Larry Morgenstein, Wallingford


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