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LETTERS: Celebrating the GLOW food pantry

Celebrating GLOW


I want to take a moment to recognize the wonderful work that has been accomplished by GLOW Food Pantry over the past few years. When GLOW started in the fall of 2018, it served primarily the congregation of The Rock Church. Most weeks you could count on one hand how many families not part of The Rock Church it served.

Since the pandemic, GLOW has grown to serve the needs of the wider community in Wallingford and the surrounding towns. It offers a wide variety of food items, and at times also offers hygiene items, toys, and diapers. In a typical week, GLOW serves over 150 families, most of whom are not part of The Rock Church. Many families walk out with multiple boxes of food.

I encourage your readers to consider getting involved with GLOW. If you need food, come by 26 Parker Farms Road any Friday from 5-5:30 (or reach out to glowfoodwlfd@gmail.com or 203-208-8534 to schedule an appointment for another time). If you are free at all on Tuesdays or Fridays in-person or enjoy remote administrative work (any time), reach out to start volunteering. If you have the means to donate, drop off nonperishable food, hygiene items, or cleaning supplies.

If you feel like serving one family in particular, reach out and ask for a wishlist of items that one of GLOW’s most regular clients wants.

Rajan Doering, Wallingford


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