LETTERS: Support for candidates, a plea to help the environment

Arata is the right choice


Lou Arata is running to serve as our CT state representative for the 83rd District, which includes parts of Berlin, Cheshire, and Meriden.  Lou Arata is the voice for smaller and more efficient government. Lou recognizes  that CT has been increasing the size of state government and raising taxes under one party control, since 1991. If you want to stop the excessive spending and taxation spree the current Connecticut legislature is on, then tune into Lou’s messages over the next couple of months. I’m sure, come November you will see that Lou Arata is the clear choice for state representative.

George Millerd, Kensington

Support for Fazzino


I am writing in support of Jack Fazzino for state representative in the 83rd District.  Jack was born and raised in this district and has a personal connection to its residents. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Boston College Law School, and he currently sits on the Berlin Town Council. I have accompanied Jack this summer as he has walked our neighborhoods and engaged with the voters to learn what issues matter to us.  Jack is open-minded, listens to constituents, and offers practical solutions to help our community.

Now that Cathy Abercrombie is retiring, we need a leader in the 83rd District who will continue Cathy’s great work and commitment to its residents. Jack is that person. 

Ron Weller, Meriden

Help our environment


Kudos to this newspaper for numerous recent articles about relatively easy things we can do as individual citizens to make our environment more sustainable, healthy and enjoyable.  If you  haven’t started, I encourage you to use those ideas and commit to some personal actions that will not take too much effort.   There are lots of options to make your property more sustainable with fresh ideas about landscaping. 

Please consider native landscaping options around your homes and businesses.  Converting 10% of our landscapes to native plants can add 1,000 acres of natural environment to Meriden.  You can learn more at www.HomeGrownNationalPark.org or www.pollinator-pathway.org.

Going natural lets you enjoy  nature every day and help create a network of natural oasis for pollinators and wildlife. Please avoid chemicals. A more relaxed approach to landscaping will save you time and money while offering the delights of discovering nature. 

Probably the best way to support the environment is civic participation. Register, vote and communicate with officials. Far from the drama and hype of political entertainment, hard working public servants manage important programs and develop solutions that benefit the environment and other vital aspects of our society.  

Please don’t let angry  reactions and cynical distractions of naysayers turn you off from voting. 

Don’t forfeit the needs of our community and hand a win to  those who hope to undermine effective government to protect their own selfish interests. This year’s Democratic ticket has incumbents who  work hard to protect our environment joined by inspiring new candidates. They need your support so they can work for all of us.   Put the August 9 primary and in the November 8 election in your calendar now.  Please make sure you are registered and vote.

Dave Rauch, Meriden

Coalition support


I want to take a moment to thank the Coalition for a Better Wallingford for everything they do for our town. This organization was founded ten years ago, in 2012, as a response to the drug abuse issue. I have been involved with them since their early days and have seen them blossom from a new nonprofit to a pillar of our community.

Addiction does not discriminate based on race, gender, or socioeconomic status. It is a very sad issue, and the Coalition has done a lot for those affected by it and their families, such as hope and support groups and bereavement groups. They also do a lot of work to prevent addiction and have educational information on their website.

When talking about addiction, it is important not to just focus on the “doom and gloom” aspect of the issue. Having a vibrant community that people enjoy is a wonderful prevention technique, and the Coalition invests a lot of time in our town. They are currently doing the “what’s in the bag” program that distributes various items to children in our town.

For example, during the kickoff week the kids were given a mask to color, tattoos, and stickers along with literature about addiction. The theme for that week was heroes, and when I went to the kickoff event I and everyone else there was given a nametag with a superhero name. Other program sponsored by the Coalition have included open mic night, the junto group for young adults, and the Life is Good retail store.

I encourage all members of the community to reflect on the town that we all live in and appreciate and think about our vision for the town’s future. I am sure we can all find ourselves aligned with the Coalition’s mission and programs. 

Rajan Doering, Wallingford

Vote for Hochadel


I urge local residents to vote for Democrats Jan Hochadel for state senator and Mike Quinn, Jack Fazzino and Hilda Santiago for state representative. We need lawmakers who bring people together, reject extremist ideology, and will do the real work of making lives better for us, their constituents.

In dismal difference, the Republican candidates will perpetuate the Trump agenda of division, fear-mongering and failed policies.

Democrats have a solid record of achievement, building for a better future. Republican naysayers wallow in grievances. Please join me in supporting the inspiring Democratic team of Hochadel, Quinn, Fazzino and Santiago.

Craig Hanson, Meriden


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