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LETTERS: Great things about Wallingford, and looking to the future

LETTERS: Great things about Wallingford, and looking to the future

Look to the future


I have lived in Wallingford for the better part of my 50 years and have tried my best to serve the community at large during my adult life.

Wallingford’s foundation has been built upon prior foresight to invest in our own electric utility, planning of the industrial parks in the ‘70s that provided our formidable grand list and tax base, and the fiscally responsible grip on our spending and finances that has propped us up to weather most storms.

I admire and appreciate the past and its importance to how we’ve gotten where we are, but it’s in the rear-view mirror; we are not headed in that direction. For the greatest possibility of a better tomorrow, we need to be able to adapt to new challenges.

Adapt or die is the reality. Blockbuster, Radio Shack, Circuit City, and others; they are basically gone because they didn’t.

People say that municipalities and government overall should be run more like businesses that are responsible to shareholders. Technically speaking, they are; they respond to constituents — the loudest ones and the most active ones that vote.

It is with all this, that I ask you to appreciate our past and consider our future. I ask you, as I always do, to get informed, get involved, and vote this November for this most important local election.

They say that all politics is local; I ask you to look past that to a better Wallingford. Invest the time to find out more about the newest candidates that are running for office this year for mayor, town council, and the board of education.

Your currently serving elected officials will continue to serve you to the best of their ability, but I feel that it’s the newest candidates that bring the best chances for an even better future.

Jason Zandri, Wallingford

Great things about Wallingford


Wallingford residents live in a large town, with a small-town feel. We can safely walk through our New England downtown at night to enjoy a restaurant, and we can stroll through our neighborhoods with a feeling of safety and security. We can send our children to strong and safe public schools. We enjoy reliable, inexpensive utilities. All of these benefits of living in Wallingford come at an affordable mill rate.

However, we will potentially face some expensive "big ticket" items in the next couple of years: possible upgrades/consolidations to the middle and high schools ($15 million to $117 million), a mandated upgrade to our wastewater treatment plant to address the issue of phosphorous (approximately $60 million), and an overhaul of Community Pool (approximately $6 million), to name a few.  My main focus as a Town Councilor will be to act as a steward of your hard-earned money. I will work to balance the needs and wants of the community with what we can afford. I will work for and with you, to ensure that our town services continue and improve, but also remain affordable. My goal is to retain our safe, small-town New England feel, while protecting our residents and businesses from the financial woes we see in many other towns, cities, and at the state level. I would be humbled to receive your vote for Christina Tatta on November 5th. Sincerely,

Chrsitina Tatta, Wallingford