LETTERS: The conservative way of thinking

 Moral compass


Conservatives stand for “simple virtues like faith, hard work, marriage, family, personal responsibility and helping the least of us.” This was taken from the Faith and Freedom Newsletter. I would like to expound on that quote. We conservatives believe in the sanctity of life and of marriage, which negates abortion on demand, and in family values, which is the backbone of a free and functioning society. We believe in less government and lower tax burdens on small businesses and families. 

We believe government should live within their means and not print money like confetti.  We believe in the sovereignty of this country — not open borders.  We believe schools should teach reading, writing and arithmetic and not critical race theory, which breeds racial division.   

We believe in capitalism, not Marxism. We believe in oil independence. We believe women sports should be just that — women competing against women.  We believe in law and order. 

Lastly, we believe in the Constitution that all men are created equal, no matter what race, color, or creed. In my America, with hard work and dedication, one can achieve as much or as little as one aspires to. Nobody owes anyone a living. If you are able-bodied and hope to achieve your dreams, you go out into the world and earn it!  And lastly, the conservative’s moral compass does not bend to the whims of the far left!

Sylvia Moore, Wallingford


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