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LETTERS: Why not renegotiate in Wallingford? And, wasteful rehiring in Meriden

LETTERS: Why not renegotiate in Wallingford? And, wasteful rehiring in Meriden

Why not renegotiate?


The race for local elections has begun. It has been interesting following the back and forth on the mayoral race. Discussion, disagreement and positions by supporters from sides is to be expected and welcomed.

Part of the back and forth has been about people speaking for Mr. Dickinson. There is a crucial point here. Mr. Liu in his race for mayor has spoken directly to the voters. His campaign has emphasized speaking with constituents at their homes, at meetings to share his policies and ideas. He has engaged in social media platforms and has been detailed in his vision for Wallingford on his website. He has used this newspaper to write monthly opinion columns to inform and engage. Mr. Dickinson does not go door to door. Mr. Dickinson does not have a website explaining his vision and policies. He does not use social media or the press to reach out to voters. Voters deserve to hear from both candidates, not just their supporters. The voters of Wallingford should be asking Mr. Dickinson to engage directly. Voters deserve no less from their candidates.

Another back and forth has been the Masonicare/Ashlar privilege. In the 7/25/19 letter by Ms. Seichter, she gives a very detailed and fair accounting of how this agreement came about. No disagreement on that. The crucial point here is not addressed.  Is this multi-decade-old agreement fair and beneficial to the town of Wallingford? Should one group enjoy the privilege of paying on 38% of Wallingford’s budget while the rest of us pay 100%?

Why won’t Mr. Dickinson even consider a renegotiation? This unwillingness to even try should be of concern to all taxpayers, especially seniors struggling to get by as well as working families trying to make ends meet while carrying the full responsibility of taxes.

Mary Ellen Crawford, Wallingford

Double-dipping is wasteful


The decision to rehire retired city employees is not in the best interests of the tax-paying citizens of Meriden. Paying a full salary on top of retirement pay and benefits is wasteful and short-sighted. Example: The new police chief may be coming in with new, fresh ideas of his or her own. 

A two-week overlap with retiring personnel is a workable solution, or, I’m sure, there are staff that can help the new employees “get on track.”

Lou Rinaldi, Meriden