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LETTERS: A quote for the times; a trip to New Hampshire

LETTERS: A quote for the times; a trip to New Hampshire

A quote for the times


The Cryptoquote in today's paper (7/30/19) was well worth solving and relevant to the times: "A gentleman will not insult me. And no man not a gentleman can insult me."  The author of the quote was Frederick Douglass.

Colleen Cyr, Meriden

Getting bamboozled


Went on a five-day trip to the Granite State. License plates screaming “Live Free or Die.” My new sign-off motto is Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. How coincidental. It’s New Hampshire. Went looking for tolls but could not find any. Map says there five on roads from Mass. to Portsmouth, Dover, Manchester, Concord, and Nashua. Cost seventy-five cents to two dollars. Mostly for tourists coming up 95-93 North. Message for Governor Lamont and state legislature. No income tax, no sales tax except on meals. Name-brand cigarettes 46.40 a pack. Five carton minimum for tourists. Gasoline averaged 2.50 a gallon. Groceries cheaper than CT. Name brand vodka 1.75 liter six bucks. No bottle deposit. The state has no litter. Wherever I went highway entrance and exit ramps, city streets or country roads cleanest I’ve ever seen since I was a kid in Meriden in the Fifties. Hundreds of destinations attracting tourist money creating jobs for residents. Property tax less than mine. People can afford to live here, we are getting bamboozled. 

Didn’t like this week.

City to pave streets. Two out-of-state companies received the contract. What's up? S.O.S. Bridge to nowhere green browned out 50K down the brook. Why don’t those who promote downtown get some buckets of water from the brook. Why don’t we make the downtown area a tourist destination? We can charge a toll on the bridge. 

What's happening to those prepaid engraved bricks downtown? Dems support illegal immigration. No borders equal no country. We support impoverished and uneducated people who are susceptible to politicians’ false promises. NO TOLLS, NO NEW TAXES 

I am the NRA. I stand for the flag, kneel for the cross. Give me Liberty or Give Me Death.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden