LETTERS: No fan of Trump, support Wallingford’s mayor

LETTERS: No fan of Trump, support Wallingford’s mayor

Vote this president out!


This is probably the last time I am writing! Thank God! I just got through with Monday’s (July 29) paper. If you told me these articles would be in the paper four years ago you would think me crazy! Even Maureen Dowd has had it! King Trump is telling Elijah Cummings to clean up Baltimore (rat infested). Doesn’t Trump realize it wasn’t just Cummings but Baltimore has had problems for decades. He doesn’t want foreign diplomats to see the parts of America that are not great. Someone should take away his Twitter account, he doesn’t say a kind word about anybody! Coats resigned because he wasn’t a yes man! Anybody that has an IQ over 90 should vote this president out in 2020! Please! 

Never mind him stopping SNAP! College students don’t get enough to eat! How can they concentrate?

Jon Klinski, Meriden

Post 187 welcomes you


The House and U.S. Senate recently unanimously passed, and President Trump signed, legislation expanding the opportunity for membership in the American Legion.

2019 is the 100th anniversary of the Legion, which was formed after World War I. During that time one of the requirements for veterans was that they had served during wartime. They did not have to serve overseas or in combat but the United States had to be in armed combat while the individual was on active duty. This applied to all the armed forces, including Reserves and National Guard.

As commander of American Legion Post 187 I have been lobbying for change.

Anyone intending to join may contact me at 203-265-5326. We welcome those veterans that have previously been denied.

Dave Gessert, Meriden

Real deal


It was great, but not surprising, to read that Mayor William Dickinson is running for re-election as mayor of Wallingford.

As a former worker and resident of Wallingford for 40 years, I have witnessed first hand how Wallingford has grown and prospered as one of the most beautiful towns in Connecticut under the leadership of Mayor Dickinson. Just take a ride through town and see the wonderful Main Street and Choate-Rosemary Hall Campus. Wallingford is a “Music Man” type of town that residents should be very proud of.

With Wallingford celebrating its 350th Anniversary in 2020. Mayor Dickinson deserves to be in office to lead all the festivities that are planned. 

Vote for Bill Dickinson in November, he is the “real deal”!

John A. Young, Cromwell