LETTERS: Talking loudly during a concert on the Meriden Green

LETTERS: Talking loudly during a concert on the Meriden Green

Couldn’t hear concert


Friday evening I attended the Coconuts performance at the amphitheater on the Green. The band was full of energy and played 2-plus hours non-stop. The lighting and sound crews did their jobs well. We were blessed with a magnificent summer evening.

When the director of the summer series took stage and and when the mayor came up to address the audience, the audience talked so loud over them that 80% of what they had to say was lost ... and it continued throughout the Coconuts performance as well. When people are happy, they talk!

But I and many came to listen. May I suggest that the first 40 feet from the stage be reserved for listeners, then there be a 10-foot open gap, and the balance of the audience, the talkers, sit behind that 10-foot open sound barrier.

By whatever means we paid indirectly to come, see and listen and request we be able to sit in an area where we can hear that which we paid for.

Lauren Humpage, Meriden

Great job! Well done!


I am a Wallingford resident with many friends in Meriden that introduced me to the Twilight Concert Series held on the Meriden Green this summer.

This was my first time visiting The Green since it was redesigned and made into the beautiful property that it is today.  So beautiful — so impressive!  The talent the town was able to obtain for the summer concert series is phenomenal!  Every week we meet with friends for two hours of great entertainment in a gorgeous setting.  Food trucks, vendors — bring the kids and the dog — make new friends and enjoy! The staff working these events are so friendly and helpful. Parking is no problem and restrooms are available. This weekly event is truly one of the highlights of my summer.

Add the Farmer's Market every Saturday and you have a perfect way to enjoy weekend time on The Meriden Green.  Thanks to all who put these venues together. Great job — well done!

Patricia Donovan, Wallingford