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LETTERS:  Local news / Job training

LETTERS:  Local news / Job training

Study for a real job


I used to listen to a radio program where local manufacturers were begging for TRAINED personnel. They were small shops and could not afford to train people.

For example, my company hired a lady who majored in High German language. She selected art for the walls and once she did this, she was GONE.

But I imagine she had a debt that she would pay for her whole life through. I listened to a local celebrity columnist who was still paying his Yale bill at the age of 54!

I understand there are millions of jobs going wanting for trained people. Instead of going to college to learn nonsense leading to burger flipping, get an education in something that will give you a living!

In my case I learned to program, which led to a job that paid well. Much better than being an art selector for 6 months.

Roy Blazejowski, Meriden

Keeping it local


Sometimes you don’t fully appreciate something that you see every day. Pick up just about any other newspaper and you will quickly have enough depressing and disturbing news to ruin your day before you finish your first cup of coffee.

Look closely at the Record-Journal and you would be hard pressed to find mention of tweets, Russia, collusion or #MeToo. Instead there are articles about local businesses, interesting people, area restaurants and local politics are featured on the front page.

It is refreshing to see excellent articles written by obviously passionate reporters of youth sports featured in the sports section. It must be a thrill for the kids that is sure to end up in scrapbooks.

It is OK that Red Sox or Yankee fans may have to turn a page to get results (Mets, maybe a couple pages). The Front Porch News is a great venue for any community event or achievement to be recognized.

Kudos to the entire staff of the Record-Journal. Keep up the excellent job of keeping our paper LOCAL.

Dan Roman, Meriden