LETTERS: The Postal Service is mandated; support for Jim Jinks

The Postal Service


Regarding "What’s happening at the US Postal Service, and why?" (RJ 8/26)  It says "advocates note it’s a government service rather than a profit-maximizing business." What the article leaves out is that the US Postal Service is mandated in the US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, clause 7. It's not even an amendment, added later. It is just as important as the power to coin money, regulate commerce, collect taxes, and raise an army — that oh so sacred cow of the military budget. If the Republican Party squawks so loudly if even a 2% cut is discussed for the military budget so that we may fight the pandemic, or help fight climate change, something even the military top brass is warning against. (see https://tinyurl.com/y3cxzbem), you would think they'd be fighting to save this part of the Constitution. But they won't. Because they pick and choose what parts of the Constitution they care about. This part (USPS) doesn't bother them. Because the more people that can vote by mail, the less chance there is of Republicans winning. And we can't have that, can we? 

Caught in the cross-fire are all the vets who must get their medications through the mail. This stripping of the sorting machines is delaying by days and now weeks their bp medication and insulin, life-threatening. Republicans, Mr. DeJoy: blood on your hands.

Kim Morris, Meriden

Fishbein follows Trump’s example 


Since March we’ve experienced an enormous crisis. Yet Representative Craig Fishbein has repeatedly attacked Governor Lamont’s constitutional authority to keep CT safe. Fishbein has followed the Trump example — downplaying the severity of COVID. In the middle of a pandemic, Craig’s COVID responses are irresponsible for a state legislator.

Craig is opposed to students wearing masks in schools. As difficult as “Back to School” will be for students, protecting their health should be a top priority. Craig is suing the governor to allow landlords to re-start evictions. Millions of Americans have lost jobs, small businesses are endangered, and federal unemployment benefits are uncertain; but for Fishbein, evictions are a priority. In May he issued a Town Council resolution attacking the governor’s COVID business restrictions. But by 5/31/20, there was a 60% drop in new COVID cases. This is due to Lamont’s leadership including business restrictions that Fishbein has attacked.

States that didn’t take COVID seriously (following Trump’s lead like Craig) are experiencing major spikes in cases. Craig shows no understanding that until we beat the virus we can’t get back to “normal.” We can’t afford his denial and ignorance. I urge everyone to vote for Jim Jinks this November.

Katherine S. Yacavone, Cheshire

The Real Deal


I love Community Cleanups. They bring together people with a common cause to help the environment. Civically they are a great activity but to truly enact lasting change we must act on a larger scale.

Fortunately Wallingford has an environmental champion who goes beyond words and small gestures. She is a trained biologist who has put her scientific knowledge and training into legislation that goes beyond the local to encompass the ecological systems that effect the region and world. Her name is Mary Mushinsky, our state representative for the 85th District.

Over her years of service, she has brought a deep understanding that we cannot have a healthy environment (or economy) if we do not address our air quality, our water quality and the plants and animals that occupy our planet. They are all connected and are not restricted by town, state or country boundaries.

She has been a proponent and champion of RGGI (The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative).  This program has brought multiple states together to reduce greenhouse emissions. This program has also brought local benefits financing renewable energy projects at Gaylord Hospital and Choate. Her work on strengthening this program continues with introduced legislation HB6451 in 2019 (not enacted yet).

It is said “Water is Life.” Since 2001 Connecticut has pursued a state water plan as a vital need. It passed in 2018-2019 with the tireless efforts of Mary Mushinsky who advocated for this plan since day one. Her efforts on this were acknowledged by an award from the Rivers Alliance of Ct.

These two laws compliment her work making the Quinnipiac River and its trail an asset for the community rather than the liability it was.

There is only one choice for electing an environmental champion for the 85th District, it can only be Mary Mushinsky.

Larry Morgenstein, Wallingford



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