LETTERS: Meriden City Council / Trump and Putin

LETTERS: Meriden City Council / Trump and Putin

Where’s the alpha male?


America was attacked by Russia, a foreign adversary, in 2016, but Lyin' Don continues to deny this fact and continues to embrace his puppeteer Putin.

Could you imagine if FDR embraced Hirohito after Pearl Harbor, or if JFK saluted Khrushev after the Cuban Missile Crisis or if George W. Bush hugged Osama Bin Laden after 9/11? This did not happen because real presidents, not fake presidents, obey their oaths of office and protect our nation.

It is ironic that the the U.S. was "Finlandized," to use an old cold war term, at the Helsinki summit. After Putin, the crafty, smart and devious former KGB agent, met with Lyin' Don we saw an obsequious, servile comrade Trumpski. Where did the alpha male go? This was not a mano-a-mano meeting but a mano-a-milquetoast encounter.

Last point. I have said this since 2016 when the MAGA slogan came upon the political landscape. The Trump movement originated with racist roots. It was "Birtherism" that energized his campaign. Oh they want America to be great again. "Again" meaning a time when white Christians dominated the agenda, when we had segregation, when a woman could not choose, when LGBTQ, Hispanic, black, and womens rights did not exist. That's the America this "basket of deplorables" wants to see again.

Not my president!

Paul E. Gradwell, Meriden

Another vote


If the full city council votes in favor for the new, revised budget/mill rate, then the overwhelming majority of taxpayers who forced the referendum will do their best to make sure those who vote for it will never cast another vote.

Frank Milano Jr., Meriden