LETTERS: Living the American dream; that building collapse

Living the American dream


As this campaign season progresses, I am quite sure that, in addition to all the great discussions I have already had, I still will have many more.

One such recent exchange was when I was walking down a road in a newer Wallingford development, accompanied by Patrick Birney, who is running for Wallingford Probate Judge, knocking on doors in preparation for November.

We had gotten half way down the street, when we heard a woman shouting my name. She was quickly walking towards us while waving her arms back in forth, from many doors away. We stopped and turned, waiting for her to catch up. Once she caught her breath, we learned that many years ago she had legally immigrated to this country from China, and is now living the American dream in Wallingford. She just wanted to shake my hand, and thank me for all that I am doing in Hartford to help her, and others to live that dream, guided by the Constitution, and free from oppression such as that which she experienced in her native country.

Truly a noteworthy moment on the campaign trail. It is exchanges like this that make being an elected official, and fighting for smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens all the more rewarding to me as a person. Here’s hoping that you and your readers also support my returning to Hartford as state representative for Wallingford and Middlefield, continuing the principled fight for all of Connecticut.  For more information, please go to Fishbein4CT.com.

Very truly yours,

Craig C. Fishbein, Wallingford

Brick building collapse


This is the best that could have happened to that building, knowing that the roof rafters were weak and the rest of the wood structure was worn, having it demolished gives the owner a chance to create a new building that is up to code.

Old brick buildings can be subject to stresses like heavy truck vibration, excavation at surrounding properties, and old age. Removing them before the mortar breaks down and someone gets hurt won't hurt the neighborhood. 

Making new apartments close to the stores and shops can only help grow Meriden.

Allen Schott, Meriden


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