LETTERS: Support for candidate Fishbein; a perspective on Wallingford; a blood drive

Best interests


As Election Day draws near it is time for the residents of Connecticut to take a hard look at what our state has become under our current governor and partisan Legislature. Connecticut needs elected officials who put the needs and best interests of their constituents first. State Representative Craig Fishbein (R–90th District) is that individual. As ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, he has supported legislation concerning children’s mental health, women’s health issues, opioid abuse, prevention and treatment, and juvenile justice and public safety reforms. He has worked diligently to ensure the rights and safety of the citizens of Connecticut. I know that he will continue to faithfully serve the people in his district and the state.

Kathy Hannafey, Wallingford

Different perspective


Every few months, I make a quick pass at the Record-Journal website, specifically the Wallingford section.  After living in Wallingford for four years, I ran for mayor as I felt Wallingford was falling behind and offered to look at the town with a different perspective, to change its modus operandi.  As some of you know, I was trounced by Mayor Dickinson.

As we had previously spent 25 years in the south, in 2018 we left Wallingford for Charleston, S.C. What is happening here is precisely what I wanted to see happen in Wallingford.  Because of many different reasons, including low taxes, the area is exploding with growth. We have Boeing, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and all their support companies.  Our Sea Port is growing at a tremendous rate and that alone is attracting many additional support enterprises.

I remember moving to Wallingford and falling in love with its uniqueness, its charm and its people.  I kept asking myself why is the mayor and council so set on keeping the status quo, on not upgrading technologically, on sticking with manual labor (i.e., unionized labor).  Yes, CT is a bastion for unions, but that has brought costs that are a huge detriment to prosperity.  It is keeping new residents and industry away.

No, I am not bashing Wallingford or CT, all I am attempting is to point out that there is so much that can be accomplished in this great nation.  I am saddened that such a beautiful state with its uniqueness is currently stalled.

Don Kennedy,

 Johns Island, S.C.

Brief announcement


Along with reading my Record Journal, I watch televised news. I scroll the various news channels mainly to hear various reporting perspectives on local, state, national and world events. However, what irks me is the ceaseless interruptions, to the reporting, with commercials.. Thankfully, when reading my morning paper I can choose which advertisements to peruse. Now let me interrupt you with a brief announcement: “Read your local paper. The reporting has more depth and information.”

Ronald D. Roberts, Wallingford

Blood drive


It’s been 21 years since the horror of Sept. 11th stirred America and it still hurts today. Over 3,000 lives, those of our compatriots and siblings in humanity, were taken by wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.

My Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, founded by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, condemned those attacks as cowardly having nothing to do with the religion of peace, the religion of Prophets Muhammad and Abraham. We were all moved to action in some way feeling for the victims and their families which extended to us.

Steered by our worldwide head, the Fifth Khalifa of Messiah Ahmad, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Ahmadi Muslims launched our nationwide #MuslimsForLife Blood Drives to help save lives in honor of those who lost theirs.

For 12 years we’ve held thousands of 9/11 commemorative blood drives annually across the nation, and sometimes in our very own mosques, in collaboration with the American Red Cross, blood centers, Humanity First, churches and synagogues. We’ve collected over 61,000 pints, enough to help save over 183,000 lives. Let’s continue the noble tradition. Help bridge the gap in blood shortages. Did you know that donating blood is healthy for you and only one pint of blood saves up to three lives? Even saving one life is akin to saving all of humanity in Islam and the Abrahamic faiths.

So, join us in Baitul Aman Mosque, 410 Main St., Meriden, on Saturday, Sept. 10th from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Give blood, platelets, or plasma in the “House of Peace” for the sake of humanity. Visit www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/drive-results?zipSponsor=Baitul

Zahir Mannan, Middletown


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