LETTERS: Support for candidates in the upcoming election

Two candidates


It is with a great deal of enthusiasm and joy that I write in support of two wonderful candidates the Berlin Democrats have put forward to represent the people of Berlin, Southington, Meriden and Cheshire! Denise McNair for the 30th State Representative District and Jack Fazzino for the 83rd. Both have the integrity, education, background and understanding necessary to represent our towns. Both have the heart and will to do it with compassion, clear vision, energy and responsiveness to the citizenry. You can’t ask for more. When Tuesday, November 8th comes, remember Row A and vote.  

Carol Yorker, Berlin

Strong voice


Voters in Connecticut’s 83rd House District can have a strong voice in Hartford during the next two years and have an impact on their region and the state by voting for Jack Fazzino for state representative on November 8.

The Berlin resident, a Democrat, and member of Berlin’s Town Council since 2021, has a proven record of addressing the issues and of getting the job done in the best interests of those he serves. His educational background, experience as a lawyer and service to the community has led to this next step — voicing the concerns and interests of the residents of the 83rd District to Hartford. The 83rd District includes Berlin, Meriden, and Cheshire.

Jack is a go-getter who works with others for the best interest of the majority, During his time on the council, Jack has served alongside his fellow members on a variety of issues: working with the corporation counsel and other committees to negotiating municipal budgets and working, for instance, with Board of Finance members, the town manager and finance director. He promises to bring the same dedication, sense of purpose and commitment he has shown on the local level to the General Assembly. He deserves our vote.

Paul Oates, Berlin

Vote for Democrats


I urge local residents to vote for Democrats Jan Hochadel for state senator and Mike Quinn, Jack Fazzino and Hilda Santiago for state representative. We need lawmakers who bring people together, reject extremist ideology, and will do the real work of making lives better for us, their constituents.

In dismal difference, the Republican candidates will perpetuate the Trump agenda of division, fear-mongering and failed policies.

Democrats have a solid record of achievement, building for a better future. Republican naysayers wallow in grievances. Please join me in supporting the inspiring Democratic team of Hochadel, Quinn, Fazzino and Santiago.

Craig Hanson, Meriden

More hopeful


I can’t blame anyone who feels cynical about politics. But I feel more hopeful about the future when I think about some of our local candidates.

We desperately need people in public office who are responsible problem-solvers. We cannot tolerate any more politicians who just want to stoke anger and resentment.

Please take a look at this year’s Democratic slate. Hilda Santiago and Mike Quinn already have achieved solid records of accomplishment in serving their constituents. Jan Hochadel and Jack Fazzino are running for the first time, but offer the same strength of character, work ethic, and plain old common sense that we want in our legislators. If you need an antidote for your cynicism, these are the candidates who will deliver that and more.

Diane Kubeck, Meriden

Breath of fresh air


In recent years, I have become very frustrated with politics, and I expect that others feel the same. Election campaigns are filled with nastiness and phony promises. As I have learned more about Jan Hochadel, she appears to be much better than the typical candidate, the breath of fresh air that we have needed.

Jan Hochadel cares about hard-working people who, despite full-time jobs, still must struggle to make ends meet. She recognizes that things are not getting better for the current generation, but more difficult, that they are not doing as well as their parents. She is a proven, courageous fighter for fair pay and dignity in the workplace. Jan Hochadel has won my vote for our state senator, and I hope your vote as well.

Dennis Johnson, Meriden

Pragmatic approach


We live in troubling political times. Fortunately, the Meriden Democrats present a slate of responsible, thoughtful candidates ready to move our state forward. The pragmatic approach to addressing serious issues like healthcare costs, college costs, family leave, and lowering the state debt are what Democrats are working on. The Republicans offer candidates who are ultra-conservative ideologues who run on culture wars and division with no goal to work towards real problems facing this community. This election, we can vote with confidence for Jan Hochadel for State Senate, and for Jack Fazzino, Hilda Santiago and Mike Quinn for the House of Representatives.

Charles Johnson. Meriden

Standing ready


Jan Hochadel proudly follows a trail blazed by strong, inspiring women who have served as our state senator: Amelia Mustone, Danté Bartolomeo and Mary Abrams. Jan combines toughness with compassion, intelligence with common sense, and the ability to work with the other side with a firm commitment to principles.

As I have gotten to know her, I have become more and more impressed by her qualifications and character. Jan has the first-hand experiences of raising a family, holding a demanding job, and dealing with a personal health crisis. Along the way, she became an advocate for others, and rose to President of the American Federation of Teachers -- Connecticut. She learned how to get things done in the legislature, helping to win the $15 minimum wage and Paid Family Leave.

Jan Hochadel is the candidate who is ready to be an effective lawmaker. She stands ready to fight for us, on the cost of living issues and quality of life challenges that confront Connecticut. Please vote for Jan and the entire Democratic team.

Madeline Gallagher, Meriden



 Jan Hochadel recently knocked on my door, introduced herself, and explained that she is running for the state Senate. Before meeting her, I had heard some very good endorsements of her. After meeting her I researched her background and was very impressed with how she has supported her constituents in her past roles. She has won my vote.

 I have learned that Ms. Hochadel is out there almost every day, talking to people in the community and listening attentively to our concerns. She certainly seems ready to tackle the tough problems we all face, issues such as the cost of utilities and gasoline, good healthcare that we can afford, schools that are meeting the needs of every child, and relief for property taxpayers.

 Jan Hochadel is the person we need in Hartford to fight for us. Please join me in voting for her in November.

 Glenn Deming, Meriden

All of humanity


My guess is that there are very few independent voters out there. Even those

who refuse to declare tend to have an affinity for one party line over the other.

Sometimes folks choose not to identify because they don’t want to be labelled or

pigeon-holed for beliefs and values they may or may not possess. Sometimes

folks want to keep their political lives private. I’m learning more and more how

many independents don’t identify because they are disgusted by the process of

campaigning: the escalating vitriol, the endless calls, mail and knocks that begin

to feel like spam. I’m a pretty clear Democrat and often want to opt out as well.

I stay in it because I still believe a government of compassion is possible. I

believe it’s possible to be both fiscally responsible and ensure that a family can

make ends meet on one income. Partnership should not be a prerequisite for

sustainability. I believe that women in impossible situations should remain free to

make their own decisions about their bodies and their futures, and not only if their

lives are at stake or they’ve been violated first. I believe in taking an honest look

at our policies and systems to see where we uphold injustices by continuing to

only benefit those who already have, and continue to punish and blame those

who do not. I believe that you are my neighbor first, one I am here to both

support and be supported by, and any attempt to turn us against each other

should be met with a unified chorus. We will not elect those who believe we can

only be strong if we forget those in the margins. Until more parties can include

all of humanity in their view of equity, inclusion and belonging, I’ll vote Democrat.

Sharlene Kerelejza, Meriden

Not where we are


One of the criticisms of Biden's student loan forgiveness program is that it will exacerbate inflation. This is true, as far as it goes, and the principle at work is worth articulating.

Inflation results from too much money chasing too few goods and services. If we could somehow boost the supply of goods and services, all other things being equal, the result might be an economic condition sometimes called "prosperity," in which people with average incomes can actually afford more things (or nicer ones) without working more as time goes on. Clearly, that is not where we are.

The other approach, then, would be to restrict the amount of money chasing the intractably finite amount of goods and services. It is true that student debtors relieved of part or all of their debts will have more money available to bid up the price of whatever they might want or need.

So, not to put too fine a point on it, the macroeconomic problem here is that the debt relief will leave many people less impoverished than they would otherwise have been. And it is absolutely the case that widespread impoverishment of as many Americans as possible would ease the inflation pressure. So! Hip-hip-hurrah for leaving (or perhaps rendering) Americans unable to buy the stuff they want and need. Awesome!  

If the idea is that we're going to combat inflation by seeing to it that Americans don't have money to spend, let's make that explicit, shall we?

Eric Kuhn, Middletown


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