LETTERS: Support crisis services, and support for Democrats

Support crisis services


September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. As a volunteer advocate with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, I am calling on my members of Congress to pass legislation to prevent suicides and support crisis care.

I have personally lost loved ones, a boyfriend serving in the military, and a family member who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Sadly, in addition, I also have a family member who had attempted to die by suicide, as well as a family member who experienced pervasive harassment based on disability within the school setting, and also considered ending their life.

The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline must be sustainably funded so that confidential, voluntary services by trained counselors are accessible. H.R.7116, the 988 Implementation Act, would provide federal funding and guidance to states for 988 crisis services across the nation.

An alternative to 911 for mental health crises, 988 connects callers to Lifeline centers. These centers de-escalate 98% of crisis calls without dispatching emergency services. Well-resourced crisis support systems can connect callers with local resources, including someone to talk to (call centers), someone to respond (mobile crisis teams), and somewhere to go (crisis stabilization centers). We must ensure that every state has the capacity to provide comprehensive crisis response services to help save lives. 

For more information, go to afsp.org/988

Join me in urging Congress to take action to #StopSuicide!

Adrienne Serra, Wallingford

Vote Democratic


I urge everyone who cares about freedom — elementary school children’s freedom to remain alive throughout each school day; every adult’s freedom to vote; every person’s right to make choices about bodily autonomy and to worship (or refrain from worshipping) as they choose; every teacher’s and librarian’s freedom to choose books for their students and patrons; every individual’s freedom from being targeted by violence because of the work they do or the place they live — to vote straight Democratic in November.

Everyone who values scientific evidence, public education, Social Security, and consequences for law-breakers (serial felons and disgraced, twice-impeached ex-presidents alike) should vote straight Democratic in November. Everyone who believes that corporations and millionaires should pay taxes proportional to their wealth — and all their back taxes — should vote straight Democratic in November.

Frightened of droughts, flooding, seasons more extreme and storms more violent than in living memory? Terrified that a young man egged on by conspiracy theories will gun you down as you shop, as you have a drink with friends, as you attend a parade, or as you worship? Disgusted by the attitude that some people, because of their birthplace, language, financial security, or gender, are more worthy than others? Vote straight Democratic in November.

If everyone who cares about these critical issues will stand up for integrity, empathy, and reason by voting Democratic on November 8, our country will have a chance to survive—not for the enrichment of a corrupt few, but for the good of the people. Vote straight Democratic in November! Your descendants, and theirs, will thank you.

Lois Lake Church, Meriden


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