LETTERS: Candidate endorsements from our readers

Editor’s note: Some political letters were submitted before Sept. 1, when a 100-word limit on such letters went into effect.

Support Democrats


Because of the past Republican administration's handling, or should I say mishandling, of national issues, coupled with a war thousands of miles away, we are going through some difficult times. 

Luckily, Connecticut has a strong group of elected officials who work tirelessly to make sure that we don't fall victim to past mismanagement. 

As a matter of fact, Connecticut is a leader in many areas. Our gun control laws are the toughest in the country and the way our governor handled the pandemic was praised by many of his peers. So it is important that we vote for both Ned Lamont and Richard Blumenthal.

However, we can't stop there. We have two incumbents in our Meriden delegation who have worked very hard for our fine city. Hilda Santiago and Mike Quinn have given their all to make Meriden move forward.  The way we continue that progress is to re-elect both of them. Two newcomers to the Meriden delegation are Jack Fazzino and Jan Hochadel.

Both are eager to replace two hard-working individuals that did so much for us. Yes, Mary Abrams and Cathy Abercrombie will surely be missed, but I feel we have the two people who will do the job.

Jan is going to be a fantastic senator who comes to us with a wealth of experience and the reputation of an extremely hard worker. Jack is the right fit for our third representative and he too comes with experience and dedication. So, on Election Day, keep us moving forward and vote the entire Democratic ticket. I will.

Carmine Trotta, Meriden

Conservative belief


Well, thank you left wing liberal socialists! You finally did it! Go to college and win $10,000.00! Free lunches and free everything that you can give away! Need school supplies, don't work for the funds, we give that stuff away for free!

I paid for my college education as well as three kids with very little help from anyone. You took care to buy votes from the people getting money for just having kids, the freebies keep coming. If you just finished paying your college loans, you should wonder who helped you and why can't I get $10,000.00?

II love the way a guy like Blumenthal misrepresents being in Vietnam while veterans vote for him.

Am I angry, yes, and I will keep up my conservative belief. I know what a man and women are, not like a member of the Supreme Court.

John J. Anzidei, Wallingford

Vote Hyland


Wallingford families deserve a representative that will vote for things that improve their lives, safety, and bring good things to our community. Rebecca Hyland is that candidate in the 90th House District. She supports things like expanded mental health care, economic recovery for all, evidence-based juvenile justice reform to keep kids out of the prison pipeline, expanded resources for schools and school infrastructure. The current representative consistently votes “no” on things that will improve people’s lives, keep people safe, and enrich our community and state. Vote for someone who prioritizes people instead of special interests. Vote Hyland November 8th!

Alexa Tomassi, Wallingford

On the ballot


Jan Hochadel, Jack Fazzino, Mike Quinn and Hilda Santiago comprise this year’s outstanding team of Meriden Democratic candidates. They offer integrity, competence, and dedication to our community and its values.

Local Republican candidates forfeited our votes. None of them has followed the courageous example of Liz Cheney, who emphatically denounces what Donald Trump has done and what he stands for. If these office-seekers do not have her backbone, they are affirming and enabling Trump, and they must be rejected by the voters.

While we wait for Donald Trump to announce if he will run for president in 2024, he is effectively on the ballot on this Election Day in 2022. Every state and local election has become a referendum on the disgraced ex-president.

Take this opportunity to send a powerful message to the Trump-led Republican party. If their candidates do not disavow Donald Trump — and they have not — they remain willfully blind to his horrific misdeeds and will lose.

Fortunately, the Democrats offer us truly worthy alternatives. Please support the entire, impressive Democratic slate.

Jeffrey Freiser, Meriden

Support Barillaro 


It will be an honor to vote for Nicole Barillaro for Wallingford judge of probate on November 8th. Probate court can be a difficult space to visit. Nicole makes that a little easier. She is caring, passionate, and smart. She helps families go through the process stress-free so they can focus on grieving.

In addition to her attention and care, Nicole has been working in probate law and related areas for over 10 years. She has shown she possesses the experience, knowledge, and expertise needed to serve as judge of probate for Wallingford. Over her career, she has had a tremendous amount of experience handling a broad variety of cases in probate courts throughout the state of Connecticut. Nicole even manages the Probate, Trusts, and Estates practice at her firm. With each case, she shows professionalism, care, and incredible skill. 

This November, I’m voting for proven probate law experience, I’m voting for Nicole Barillaro for judge of probate. 

Whitney Mooney, Wallingford


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