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LETTERS: Chewed up roads in Meriden, aggressive drivers, and political letters

LETTERS: Chewed up roads in Meriden, aggressive drivers, and political letters

All chewed up


The state just chewed up the tar on Broad Street in Meriden and repaved it from East Main Street to the Berlin Turnpike. It was better driving on, being just chewed up, than most other roads in Meriden. Meriden could just chew up the roads and they would be better than the ruts we drive though around the city. It's like dribbling a basketball driving though Meriden. Chew the tar up and we would have a better surface than what we have now!

Ed Powell, Meriden

Out of my way!


I am an American and I am in a hurry! Why? Because I am an American, don't you get that!?!?! I am always in a hurry!!! I need to be in a hurry or else!! Or else what? Need you ask, I am an American and need to be in a hurry. Do I care who I injure or kill!? Of course not, they don't know who I am, I am an American and I am in a gosh darn awful hurry to who cares where. If they are injured or die, who cares, I don't, I am in too much of a hurry to care. On a related note, I've read that True Americans passing red lights and stop signs are up significantly causing injury and death. It is good to see that they are exercising their rights as Americans in a hurry! On a less sarcastic note, I find it horrific that Americans have no interest in driving safe and protecting the lives of even children 3 years old!! We are a nation of pathetic human beings who proclaim we are religious and value life and do nothing to prove this to be true. Americans care nothing of others and their actions prove it. Shame on all of you!

Roy Blazejowski, Meriden

Political Letters

Town at a crossroads


Over a hundred years ago Wallingford faced a crossroad. The world around them was changing rapidly in economics and technology. It would have been safer to go with the status quo but a group of visionaries took a chance and invested in a new technology. Wallingford got an electric power plant and prospered for over a century.

The world is still rapidly changing and Wallingford is treading water economically by staying with the status quo. The competition is growing and surpassing us daily. Two candidates, one  for safety and one with a vision for the future. Jared Liu for Mayor.

Larry Morgenstein, Wallingford

So long, Connecticut


What is a death spiral for a state? It happens, usually in a blue state, when the burden of its policies of overtax, overspend, and over-regulate become unbearable for its people, and since there is no political remedy on the horizon (not being able to vote out the tax-and-spend-happy legislators because it’s a die-hard blue state) people "vote with their feet" and leave for a tax-friendlier state. The mismanaged state government of CT has the dubious distinction of driving away more income earners than any other state in the union! A lifetime CT resident, I'm putting CT in my rear-view mirror.

Andrew Allis, Madison

Rivard for school board


Two years ago voters in Wallingford had an opportunity to elect Bryan Rivard to our board of education.  Unfortunately, Bryan fell less than two hundred votes short of election, and we missed out on a great board member. Luckily, Bryan has decided to run again, giving us a second chance to discover the wisdom, dedication, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit he will bring to our board.  Visit his webpage and see for yourself what he has to offer our students, staff, and the educational leadership of Wallingford, then vote for him on Election Day — we deserve the best for our town!

Ruth Nagy, Wallingford