LETTERS: Support for Hyland; support for Arata

Editor’s note: Some political letters were submitted before Sept. 1, when a 100-word limit on such letters went into effect.

Connecting with voters


I would like to recognize Rebecca Hyland, candidate for state representative for the 90th district. Since her campaign kicked off in March 2022, Rebecca has been a force to be reckoned with. Her campaign slogan, “Thrive Together” is the embodiment of this campaign.

Rebecca has worked to connect with voters and hear what they need from their representation in Hartford. Unlike her opponent, Rebecca will work across the aisle to bring back resources to Wallingford and Middlefield.

She will listen to her constituents and make sure our voices are heard when it’s time to pass bills. She will focus on the pressing needs and find ways to fix them. 

She embodies everything her opponent does not. Craig Fishbein is all about the word NO, not looking at what is best for the community. His track record comes with an endless list of “no” votes that bring nothing back to Wallingford or Middlefield. He doesn’t focus on grants or funding that will better our town. His focus is on continuing his thread of negativity. When was the last time he displayed his concern for the community over his need to push his views?  

Rebecca will be there for all, not just what she thinks, she will listen, research and act.

Deborah Reynolds, Wallingford



Don’t let the Democrats’ tomfoolery play a fast one on us. If not for federal dollars, Connecticut would be broke. Democrats will resuscitate highway tolls to pay for their out of control spending and pet projects. We need Lou Arata in Hartford to help restore common sense. Only by electing Republicans like Lou Arata, representing Berlin, Cheshire and Meriden, can Connecticut once again prosper. Democrat elected officials no longer represent our American values. Everything wrong with this state can be put at the feet of the decades-long one-party rule. Vote Republican Lou Arata… our state depends on it.

Manny Santos, Meriden


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