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LETTERS: Secure SS and Medicare / Increased anxiety over crime

LETTERS: Secure SS and Medicare / Increased anxiety over crime

Critical elements



Quality medical care and financial security are two critical elements for successful, happy, and engaged retirement years after a lifetime of work. Medicare, an earned benefit through paycheck by paycheck contributions over one’s working years, becomes essential as we age, giving us the ability to seek care from doctors, medical personnel, and hospitals during these years of inevitable physical challenges. Social Security, among the trinity of retirement financial security opportunities, is another earned benefit that is paid for by working people, and for too many may be the only real retirement savings program they can rely upon.

The futures of both Federal government programs could be impacted by our election choices this November. In the wake of last year’s substantial corporate and individual tax cuts, Congress could invoke austerity measures seriously affecting the fiscal integrity of Social Security and Medicare. Indeed, current retirees, as well as women and men now working hard, hoping to enjoy good years as they age may be abandoned or disadvantaged by alterations to these individually earned Federal programs.

Voting is more than a right. It is an honor, obligation, privilege and commitment for citizens of a democratic society. Before voting this November 6, ask those running for Congress, what they will do to protect the fiscal health of Medicare and Social Security so these programs will be available to you, and to your children.

Jim O’Brien, Cheshire


Increased anxiety



Many of us are aware of the recent and alarming increase in car thefts and car burglaries — happening in our own driveways. I'm confident that my family isn't the only one with increased anxiety due to the trend. Knowing our two toddlers may be only a few steps away from these criminals makes the anxiety even worse.

Thankfully we have State Senator Len Suzio fighting for us. Len is a fierce advocate for common sense criminal justice reforms, such as providing judges with greater discretion when dealing with specific individuals. In November, please join me in returning Len to Hartford to continue fighting for us!

Tim White, Cheshire