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Manny Santos said “If not for federal dollars, Connecticut would be broke.”  (9/7/2022)  He implies that Democrats would have us believe otherwise. Yet Connecticut is perennially a top contributor to the federal treasury, often the highest contributor despite its small population. 

In fact, of the 10 states that take the most in comparison to what they contribute, 8 have voted only Republican in the last six presidential elections. It is hardly surprising these days to have a Republican writer be reckless with facts, and Mr. Santos doesn’t disappoint.

 Kenneth Beaudry, Earleville, MD 
(69-year resident of Meriden)



There are deep divisions within our state, country and town.  We need leaders who will help to bridge those divisions.  Chris Poulos is such a leader.  Chris Poulos makes decisions based on a thoughtful analysis of the issue not a knee jerk sound bite reaction.

We need leaders who will listen to everyone’s point of view, but will vote based on his determination as to what makes our community a better place for all. Chris’s vote belongs to you.  A vote for Chris Poulos is a vote for reason, integrity, and a thoughtful analysis of the issues.

Betty Lutz, Plantsville

Vote Hyland


I met Rebecca Hyland in January when she advocated for voters’ choice. She will demonstrate that same commitment as State Representative for Wallingford-Middlefield. Her experience as a public defender and high school teacher prepares her to advocate for:

■Working families, older adults, and small businesses by addressing their economic needs;

■Juvenile justice by supporting community-based interventions and services to reduce crime;

■School safety, educational excellence, and access to life-long learning.

Recently, I campaigned with Rebecca and here’s what I learned: She listens. As state representative, she will act in the best interests of the 90th so that we all #ThriveTogether.

 Susan Douglas Gomes, Yalesville

Vote for Poulos


When I see Chris Poulos campaigning in our district, I know what he stands for. I remember his quotes in the newspapers and his discussions at meetings. His Roe v Wade response was sincere and so personal. His views on mental health, education and public safety are very clear.

When I see his opponent, I really don’t know what he stands for.  here are no quotes in the newspapers, he doesn’t respond to questionnaires telling me that he really does not care about his district.

My vote will go to the person that cares: Chris Poulos!

Tony D’Angelo, Southington


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