LETTERS:  Federal dollars and Connecticut; support for Republicans

A top contributor


Manny Santos said “If not for federal dollars, Connecticut would be broke.”  (9/7/2022)  He implies that Democrats would have us believe otherwise. Yet Connecticut is perennially a top contributor to the federal treasury, often the highest contributor despite it’s small population.  In fact, of the 10 states that take the most in comparison to what they contribute, 8 have voted only Republican in the last six presidential elections.  It is hardly surprising these days to have a Republican writer be reckless with facts, and Mr. Santos doesn’t disappoint.

Kenneth Beaudry, Earleville, MD
(69-year resident of Meriden)

Vote Republican


I’m voting Republican this fall. Most people are not better off today than they were two years ago. Inflation, shortages, wild government spending and pending tax increases are telling us to vote for change. Lou Arata is running for state rep in the 83rd District. Lou Arata is needed in Hartford with other new Republicans to change Connecticut back into the state it should be.

Allan E. Pronovost, Meriden


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