LETTERS: Opinions about the upcoming election

LETTERS: Opinions about the upcoming election

More credible budgets


In fiscal years 2011 through 2018, based upon state mandated audits, Wallingford has raised taxes each year. The audits show that none of the new tax money was used in the budget year. The town keeps the money. A new ordinance is being proposed that will require this money to be returned to the taxpayers in the form of a "credit" on their next tax bill. It is hoped that this will serve as an incentive and first step for the town to produce more credible budgets. 

Paul Ciardullo Sr., Wallingford

Cipriano for school board


I’ve known Missy Cipriano for nearly a decade, as a supporter, a friend, and an active participant in many good causes here in Southington. Missy has the energy, intelligence, and determination needed to get things done; she’s also practical and blessed with discernment and common sense.

I am delighted that Missy is willing to take on the demanding and vital work of our Board of Education. She has been exceptionally involved with her own children’s schooling, and her experience and vision will benefit the board and the entire system.

With the greatest confidence and enthusiasm I endorse Missy Cipriano.

Joe Markley, Plantsville

The writer is a former state senator for the 16th District.

Vote out the Dems


More out-of-control spending in Meriden, more money for the airport hanger, a designer architect for a new banquet facility, the spending doesn't stop when Democrats are in control, this November vote out the dems that ruined Meriden the last 40 years.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden

No plans, no vision


I read with interest the mayor's opinion ed, but my hope for a clear, detailed plan for Wallingford's future was soon dashed. Half was a laundry list of basic services every town has, the other half things he had nothing to do with. Not a single forward looking word. No plans, no innovations, no solutions to new challenges, no creativity. Just a blueprint for stagnation. An admission that with thirty-something years under his belt, all he's capable of now is coasting. That's why I'm supporting Jared Liu, and his plans.

Ray Palermo, Wallingford

Re-elect Poulos


Christopher Poulos is running for a second term on the Southington Town Council. He has served the town of Southington these past two years with distinction and integrity. His collaborative efforts to keep our taxes reasonable, while advocating for quality public schools, public safety, and smart economic development, has benefited all of us. He tirelessly works on many committees such as the Tax Relief Committee on which he advocated for broader eligibility and expansion of the tax relief programs offered to Southington seniors, veterans and disabled population. I highly recommend Christopher’s re-election to the Town Council.

Mark A. Drechsler, Southington