LETTERS: Readers support their candidates

Re-elect Craig Fishbien


Unfortunately, we live in a Democratic state with a Democratic controlled state legislature as well as governor.  Republicans need a strong personality to represent our conservative common-sense views and Craig Fishbein is that man!  He has my full endorsement for re-election in November. Craig takes a no-nonsense approach to solving issues, and faithfully maintains a principled direction of seeking smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens. On Election Day, join me in supporting Craig Fishbein.  He’s earned our vote!

Richard Moore, Wallingford

Support Poulos


As a lifelong resident of Southington, Chris Poulos understands the culture of our town. In his youth, Chris attended Southington schools, enjoyed Camp Sloper, and worked at Southington Savings Bank and Rogers Orchards. As an active parent and volunteer, he continues to give back to the community that he’s always called home. Chris served with dignity on the Town Council and it’s time we allow him to give back on a greater level. I’m voting for Chris for State Representative because he is a part of the heartbeat of Southington, and will make the right choices that benefit all residents. 

Marty Albano, Southington

Moral courage


As a retired police sergeant, I am supporting Chris Poulos’ candidacy for state representative. In 2021, Southington like many municipalities was coming to grips with an unprecedented wave of Juvenile crime. Chris was the only Democrat to support the Town Council resolution to request the state make significant changes to the juvenile justice system. Chris had the moral courage to do the right thing and not walk in lockstep with his party. Chris is the best candidate to represent Southington in Hartford and will work across the aisle to build a pragmatic consensus and create impactful change in our state.

Jeff Nattrass, Southington

Vote Hyland


The 90th District has a choice. It can re-elect an incumbent who embarrassed his district, his party and the state when he retweeted a racist meme last election. In three terms can anyone list a single bill he initiated to pass as law that had any significance?

In contrast Rebecca Hyland is a bridge builder. She used these skills as a public defender and as a social studies teacher. She understands that to represent, all must have a seat at the table to thrive.

Last election, 7 votes decided. This election make your vote the decisive one for Rebecca Hyland.

Larry Morgenstein, Wallingford

Thank you


Friends. I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you" for your vote and support over the last 16 years! It has been my honor and privilege to be your representative. I'm now asking for your vote and support for Jack Fazzino. Jack is the best qualified to represent the 83rd district. He was born and raised in Berlin and is a town councilman. He has proven his commitment to our community. November 8th is election day please vote for Jack Fazzino, Hilda Santiago, Michael Quinn and Jan Hochadel for Senate.  Go Democratic team!   

Thank you!

Catherine Abercrombie, state representative, 83rd District


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