LETTERS: A physician retires, letters of candidate support

Incredible adventure


To my patients, friends, colleagues and residents of central Connecticut.   

It has been my privilege to serve the community of central Connecticut for more than 40 years as an orthopaedic surgeon. I opened a solo practice in 1982 on Cook Avenue in Meriden. I brought Doctor Jeffrey Pravda to join me with his remarkable expertise in 1990 and then ten years later formed Comprehensive Orthopaedics and Musculoskelatal Care which continues to prosper with our group of highly trained surgeons. 

This experience has been wonderful and my patients have been exemplary, courteous, kind and respectful and have always been active in helping me provide their care.

I have had remarkable interaction with my patients and consider myself extremely fortunate to have been blessed with this opportunity.

Unfortunately, I have sustained an injury which renders me unable to care for my patients. As a result, I will be retiring on Sept. 30, 2022. Thank you all for participating in this incredible adventure. 

Sincerely yours, 

Leonard A. Kolstad, MD, Cheshire



On 9/10/2022 your N.Y. Times columnist had an opinion piece describing the phantasmagorical nature of the far right's complaints concerning violence. I am sure that Senator Rand Paul and his wife and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh would object after being attacked and threatened to be calling such actions a mere optical illusion.

On 9/17/2022 your N.Y. Times columnist uses the term "immaculate" disinflation. This is obviously an attempt to misdirect our citizens about our current financial problems.  

How about using the proper word for our current problems of lawlessness, inflation and lack of proper management of the country and states under the Biden-Democrat Administration.

The proper word is ... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  It is a word that sounds important but means nothing!

Juan Matos, Wallingford 

Vote for Hayes


As a higher education professional, I am grateful that Jahana Hayes, after an illustrious career as an educator, now represents the 5th district in the House of Representatives. Hayes continues to work for students and families. She voiced her support for student loan relief which will lighten the debt load that falls heaviest on students who were trying to gain academic credentials from for-profit colleges who promised employability.  Hayes is working on making college more affordable.

Jahana Hayes shares my values in her support for education and for families.  I am truly grateful for her service to all of us.

Judith M. Slisz, Cheshire

Support Fishbein


I would like to express my continued support to Craig Fishbein in his quest to retain his seat in the Connecticut legislature.  Since meeting Mr. Fishbein upon my relocation to Wallingford one year ago I have found him to be a respected civic leader, informed and informative and an active member of the community.  I have no doubt that when Mr. Fishbein is re-elected he will continue to admirably serve Wallingford and now Middlefield, CT.  

I look forward to his continued positive work as our state representative.

John Abbagnaro, Wallingford


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