LETTERS: Out with hate and fear; a discussion about socialism

LETTERS: Out with hate and fear; a discussion about socialism

Out with hate and fear


Is it reasonable to expect impeccable character, unquestionable morals, a positive attitude and a willingness to work with others, no matter what their political party is, from the people we elect to serve us?

Should you support someone who orders border officers to separate children from their parents and puts them in cages, or someone who constantly refers to Hispanic people as murderers and rapists, or who refuses to call out white supremacists for their beliefs and actions?  Do you think people who supports these deeds should lead us?

We have Hispanic folks living and working here in Wallingford. Their children attend our schools.  Their parents own businesses or work in our towns and our cities. Our children have many as friends. They attend each other’s birthday parties. What are teachers telling these children across the United States?  Who votes for politicians who display questionable morals, or who show little understanding of science or an inability to seek truth or acknowledge reality?

If you vote for a white supremacist, does that make you a white supremacist? If you vote for someone who bullies, lies, who advocates hatred, who employs fear, who must “make-it-up” to bolster his fragile ego; just what kind of a man/woman are you getting?

In the 1940s, people who separated children from their parents and put them in cages were called Nazis. In the 1840s, they were called slave-traders. In the 1950’s when I was in 5th grade, long after we stole all their land and put American Indians on reservations, they called it Manifest Destiny. What should we call separating families today?

Hate and fear do NOT belong in our politics and certainly not in our schools, in our neighborhoods or in our government. 

Richard Caplan, Wallingford

We have a mixed economy


I write in response to a letter by George Stowell, published September 19. I agree with Mr. Stowell that we should have a discussion about socialism, but first we should be clear about what socialism is. Venezuela is not a socialist country, by Mr. Stowell’s own definition, because the government does not “control all of the means of production and distribution.” There are many private corporations in Venezuela. The fact that Venezuela has the largest oil reserves and widespread poverty is due to capitalism, not socialism. It goes back to the years before Chavez, when a few oligarchs controlled the oil industry. 

I don’t understand how Mr. Stowell can equate a switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy to a change from private to government control. Those are two completely different things. There are many very profitable private solar energy firms in the US economy. China is outcompeting us in solar technology, based primarily in capitalist firms operating in China’s mixed economy.

In fact, most economies in the world today are mixed. The US proclaims itself to be capitalist, while Venezuela and China proclaim themselves to be socialist, but all have mixed economies. As Mr. Stowell says, the US government controls things like post offices and schools. To that list I would add roads and bridges, and libraries. The question really is, what is the proper mix between government control and private control? What things are governments good at, and what things are private corporations good at? And despite the rhetoric of conservatives, governments are good at some things. I believe that health insurance is one of those things. Medicare has much lower administrative costs than private insurance, and most people on Medicare like it. I do. So let’s discuss that.

John M. Talbot, Meriden

The firing of Scaife


Discord, that was the party line for the abrupt firing of former City Manager, Guy Scaife. Evidently,  attempting to prune some deadwood from municipal positions, and actually making city workers accountable for their performance appeared  to rattle some longtime employees, and served to validate that position. Lingering in the wind, however, were whispers about Scaife actually discovering some irregularities in the budgeting process, which seems to be the E-True Hollywood version of events. Given the recent revelations in Scaife's amended lawsuit, the whispers have been amplified to a full-blown shout. The draft report hammer that Scaife was about to drop apparently was stifled at his dismissal hearing, and we are still all awaiting the public release of that document.

Further, the mayor and city council are upset, and justifiably so, that they were not notified of a transfer of $400K which was to be used for the heralded banquet hall for the municipal golf course. Sneaky as the maneuver was, I agree on paving more roads rather than building a banquet hall that serves a select few. Speaking of select few, how many Meriden residents will be served by the proposed airport hangers? Well, at least in maybe 30 years, the city might be making a few bucks from them. 

Thomas Pannone, Meriden

2nd Amendment thoughts


I delayed my letter to evaluate the propaganda and rhetoric about gun control. If you follow my letters you understand my support for the 2nd Amendment, politicians want to deny my God-given constitutional rights. Why are felons not prosecuted for firearms violations? If you are a juvenile your record is not available to prevent you from purchasing a firearm. Example Florida’s Parkland H.S. Shooting. His background would have prevented a firearms purchase. More people are killed every week in Chicago and Connecticut cities with revolvers and pistols. Assault weapon is a term which means nothing. Modern sporting rifles come in multiple calibers. Political candidates want to confiscate semi auto rifles. Lawmakers want to frighten and make you feel dependent on government the Second Amendment preserves all the other rights. Illegal immigration devalues my citizenship. It takes my taxes to support their lifestyle. Welfare was fine in the 50’s It gave citizens a helping hand, Now illegals are abusing the system relying on compassion and charity to game the system. We are not a nation of immigrants we are a nation of Americans, according to latest census 90 percent of the population are born here. 

It is okay to celebrate your heritage but you are American first. Why do you think everybody wants to migrate here? Any vote by a illegal negates my vote. If a lie is repeated often it becomes the truth after a while. We are destroying our country. San Francisco called me a terrorist. Really.

No tolls — no tax- no surcharge. I am  the NRA I stand for the flag, kneel for the cross. Give me liberty or give me death. Freedom isn’t free I paid for it.

Steven C. Staszewski, Meriden