LETTERS: Being fearful of the truth; and candidate endorsements

Being truthful


I commend Southington school officials for doing the right thing with their curriculum studies by distributing a worksheet that addresses racial and gender terminology in their writing. We need to move forward progressively by being truthful about history and society's norms. I grew up in a school system that whitewashed the history of the world from the eyes of the oppressor being the hero when white men were the leaders, and women and other minorities knew their place. Either that or avoiding the topic entirely. The terminology I grew up using is nothing to be proud of. We are still living in a world where telling the truth is being a "liberal" or "woke." It must be really sad that you have to be fearful of the truth. I enjoyed Disney movies growing up, but there is a time a place when one must mature and face reality.

Ellen G. Paiva, Wallingford 

Same old song


Like a neglected jukebox sitting on three legs in the back of a slowly decaying cocktail lounge, Lou Arata, (R-J 9/24/22), seems only capable of repeating the same five songs…  “A White Man’s School,” “Don’t Catch the Transwomen Playing,” “I’ll Govern Cheaper,” “Militarize the Police,” and “Small Party Blues.”  Untrue, unfair, or simply out of tune, it really doesn’t matter. 

His scratchy old refrains still struggle to fill the gaping void created by his lack of any real policy ideas.  Why use them? Maybe Lou wants to “Make Connecticut Great Again,” but we’ve heard that song before — with all its noise.   

Mike Reynolds, Meriden

Vote for Arata


Economically, we all know that Connecticut is at the bottom of the list. Our embarrassing ratings are the result of poor policy making and one-party domination. Because of the failed leadership by the Democrat-led supermajority, the time is right to see a Red Wave in Connecticut and to see real change take place in Hartford. Vote Republican!

Electing Lou Arata will help improve Connecticut. He’s running to represent Berlin, Cheshire and Meriden. Lou loves this state and its people and has the public policy common sense to actually make a positive difference.

Vote for Lou Arata. www.LouArata.com

Sean McDonald, Meriden

Vote for Poulos


In the past several weeks we have seen what radical, divisive political leaders can do.  They misrepresent, exaggerate, and distort the facts.  This needs to end.

Chris Poulos is a candidate who’s presence in Hartford will unite us rather than divide us. 

Chris will listen.  He will be thoughtful.  He will make decisions based on what is best for Southington and Connecticut not based on a radical, polarizing agenda.  

Chris Poulos is the kind of representative we need in Hartford to make us feel like a community again.

Vote for Chris Poulos for civility, reason, and common sense.

Bill Lutz, Plantsville

Supporting Arata


I am writing this letter to show my support for Lou Arata. Lou is a candidate for the 83rd district.

I have known Lou for many years, his leadership skills and passion to serve the people will make a difference in Hartford.

Republicans like Lou Arata will help improve CT.

Lou Arata is running to represent the people of Cheshire, Meriden, and Berlin.  His background, love and care for this state, and solid knowledge of public policy and how it impacts us day-to-day will help move CT forward. For all of us, please Vote Lou Arata. www.LouArata.com

Kurt Hourigan, Meriden

Bring safety back 


We need Republicans representing us in the CT State Legislature. According to the Contract with Connecticut, Democrats have “watered down our state’s criminal justice system.”  We need legislators that put the rights of victims ahead of the rights of criminals. Lou Arata was endorsed by the Connecticut State Fraternal Order of Police.

Bring safety back to our streets, Vote Lou Arata, Republican candidate for the 83rd district (Berlin, Cheshire, and Meriden). LouArata.com

Give Republicans the opportunity.


Maryann Santos, Meriden


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