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LETTERS: Readers write in support of candidates

Strong women


I admire strong women and hope others – including men – do as well. Jan Hochadel is a candidate for state Senate. Jan worked as an engineer for 18 years, a non-traditional career for women. She then chose to share her passion for technology with young people, becoming a teacher in a technical high school. When the state threatened to close her school, Jan led the fight to save it. She became a union leader, and ultimately her colleagues elected her president of American Federation of Teachers Connecticut. Jan will fight hard for you too, as our next state senator.

Madeline Gallagher, Meriden

2 strong women


I write today as a woman myself, and a mom of a little girl, knowing so much is on the ballot for women’s rights this election. I will be voting for 2 strong women who are advocates of women’s rights, and who are also incredible role models for my daughter. Meriden is lucky to have Representative Hilda Santiago working for us in Hartford, and Jan Hochadel will be a great addition to that team in the Senate! Please join me in making sure women’s voices are heard and women’s rights are protected this November!

Sarah Taylor, Meriden

Vote Fazzino


  As a lifelong 83rd district resident, I am thankful that Jack Fazzino has decided to run to represent us. Jack has spent hundreds of hours this summer walking the district, engaging residents in real conversations regarding their vision for keeping Connecticut a great place to live and work. Jack has vision, purpose, and a track record of doing the hard work. Jack's opponent claims to support "taking Connecticut back" - to where or when, it's unclear. His self-touted website isn't clear on much other than recycled partisan ramblings. If you haven't met Jack yet, visit fazzinoforct.com to learn more. 

Chad Cardillo, Meriden


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