LETTERS: Readers write in support of candidates

Best candidate


Wallingford is a great town with great people. Patrick Birney is one of those people.  Most people do not think of the probate judge race when they talk about the upcoming election, but it is important. The probate court handles a wide range of issues affecting children, seniors, and overseeing estates and trusts. Patrick’s 24 years of legal experience makes him qualified but his service to others is what makes him the best candidate for the job.

Please join me in voting for Patrick Birney for Probate Judge on November 8th and continue to make Wallingford a great town.

 Don Crouch, Wallingford



Berlin Town Councilor

 Jack Fazzino

, a Democrat, is running for state representative in the 83rd district.  Meriden and Cheshire are also learning about his excellent qualifications at their doors and in the media. 

Attending the Cheshire Democratic Women’s Club summer picnic meeting, he impressed everyone with his sincere commitment to public service. Jack is an attorney helping real people navigate real-life issues, and he pledges to continue in Hartford as an approachable, hands-on problem-solver.  Please read more about Jack Fazzino on his website and vote for this outstanding young man who is devoted to his district and our state.

Judy Villa, Cheshire

Common-sense candidates


Democrats have led the way with policies creating record inflation, callous juvenile crime, fostering and enabling irresponsible behavior along with the slowest road construction and highest electric rates in the nation. Etc. Democrat spin-doctors are working hard this year distracting and deceiving the public by playing the tired Trump card and a social issue that would not be affected in Connecticut rather than addressing the fore mentioned issues that everyone, everyday must contend with. Vote George Logan, Joe Vollano and Lou Arata; common-sense candidates where no spin doctors will be needed.

Dan Brunet,  Meriden City Council
 minority leader

Elect Logan


George Logan is running against incumbent Congresswoman Jahana Hayes for Connecticut’s 5th congressional district. Political ads target Logan as radical, but I know this to be false because I clerked for him when he served in the Connecticut state Senate. Logan was the most moderate legislator in the state Senate. Logan is compassionate, separates partisanship from sound judgment, and possesses seemingly superhuman work ethic. There are no Republicans or Democrats in Logan’s votes, only constituents. Voters must cut through the politics, ask if they are better off today than they were four years ago, and elect Logan to Congress.

Colin Carroll, New Britain 



Wallingford has been my home for 87 years. In that time, and through experiences as a business owner, employer, homeowner and town councilor, I’ve learned that a legal counsel with diverse experiences is surely preferable to one with limited experiences. Patrick has diverse legal experiences, including probate experience. Patrick has also served on numerous commissions with distinction and has volunteered for countless not-for-profit organizations. The public should not take lightly a vote for our next probate judge. Patrick has the credentials and experiences to become that person. Please vote for Patrick on November 8th to be our next probate judge.

Bob Parisi, Wallingford

Vote Barillaro


Nicole Barillaro leads the Probate practice at Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb, & Hathaway. She handles every case with care, compassion, and professionalism. This is how she has treated people all of her life and she is exactly what Wallingford deserves in a probate judge. She stands ready to serve her community from day one. I hope you all join me in supporting this very qualified and extremely hard-working candidate. Vote for Nicole Barillaro for probate judge on November 8th!

Ed Barillaro, Cheshire

Join me


We all recognize the heightened anxiety, defensiveness and polarization that surrounds and consumes us. As we move closer to election day, I’m reminded how politics and government impact and can potentially interrupt this collective limbic hijack.  We can vote to continue on this rapidly accelerating hamster wheel of exacerbating stress and hostility. Alternatively, we can vote in a manner that affirms for elected officials and government systems that it’s time to slow down, soothe our nervous systems and re-center in collectivistic values of acknowledgement, mutual aid, generosity and uplifting cooperative best interest. For me, that means voting Democrat. Join me.

Sharlene Kerelejza, Meriden




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